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Preview: With these new features Coboc upgrades its singlespeed e-bike Brooklyn Fat for 2024.


Coboc’s Brooklyn Fat is certainly one of the longest-running models in its lineup; we already tested the bike here in 2020. For the upcoming 2024 season, the minimalist singlespeed e-bike will be upgraded with some upgrades that are well worth reporting.

Visually, this is immediately apparent with the new range of colors, which now includes a total of three shades: Firstly, in the great Disco Purple, which sets accents completely in the style of the eighties, and secondly in a timelessly elegant Cloud White. Finally, there is also the so-called Legacy Edition, which catches the eye with its Raw Finish. This model is also equipped with components from Brooks on the handlebar and saddle and has a matching color tires with brown flanks.

We already had the opportunity at the Eurobike show to turn a few laps with the new model and look at the new color variant Cloud White in the flesh. And this looks quite outstanding on the bike:

Second novelty is the now integrated lighting system: at the front, the Brooklyn Fat has a Supernova headlight installed centrally on the handlebars. at the rear, Coboc’s own developed taillight is used in the seatpost. Here, too, Coboc focuses on a functional, yet minimalist integration that does not disrupt the overall appearance of the bike.

Otherwise, from a technical point of view, almost everything remains the same. Coboc’s self-developed CBC01 hub motor is now used, which ensures a usual harmonious power delivery together with the torque sensor. The two assist levels can also be individually adjusted via smartphone app. Equally familiar in this context is the battery, which is permanently installed in the frame and offers a capacity of 380 Wh. Instead of a bicycle chain, there is the Gates Carbon Drive belt installed, which perfectly completes the quiet riding pleasure.

The name-giving tire is indeed quite fat with its 55 mm width and comes from Schwalbe’s G-One Speed series. What’s positive: despite the additional features mentioned, the weight of the Brooklyn Fat is also surprisingly light in the 2024 edition with 13.3 kg! Thus, the bike belongs to the product line of Slim e-bikes, which Coboc wants to complement next year with the second line of Light SUVs. The study of the Light SUV Concept already gave a glimpse of this.

But back to the Brooklyn Fat: The prices for the new 2024 models are 3,699 euros, with the Legacy Edition being slightly more expensive at 3,999 euros. Interested parties can also choose from three different frame sizes in addition to the color variants.




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