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Rose Sneak Plus MidStep: the singlespeed bike is now also with comfort frame available!


About a year ago, Rose launched the Sneak Plus — a singlespeed e-bike that appealed with its minimalist design and sporty geometry. However, this bike was only available in one frame shape, the classic diamond frame. Now, however, the direct marketer is following up with the Sneak Plus MidStep, a second variant with a trapezoidal comfort frame. With the new frame shape, the bike is now also suitable for riders from about 1.55m height. However, everyone benefits from the greater comfort due to the more convenient entry through the accruing top tube.

In terms of technology, however, the MidStep model corresponds to the already known Sneak Plus with Mahles X35+ drive system. This consists of a compact rear hub motor, permanently installed battery with 250 Wh capacity in the down tube and a button on the top tube. The only drawback of the MidStep is the compatibility of the optional Range Extender — a compact additional battery — because it is too tight between the top tube and down tube.

While the regular variant of the Sneak Plus MidStep comes with a conventional bicycle chain, without mudguards and without lights, there is also the Sneak Plus MidStep EQ. This version is delivered with a belt drive from Gates and has the aforementioned equipment directly installed for greater suitability for everyday use. The lighting system comes from Lightskin and is integrated absolutely inconspicuous in the seatpost and handlebars, but is still StVZO-compliant! The additional weight of the EQ variant is, by the way, quite low and is only 200g — so the Sneak Plus MidStep should weigh in total 14.7 kg, the Sneak Plus MidStepEQ then just as light 14.9 kg.

It’s almost logical that the new MidStep is also identical in price to the diamond frame model. The Sneak Plus MidStep costs a comparatively affordable 2,399 euros, while the better-equipped Sneak Plus MidStep EQ costs 2,799 euros. Both bikes are available in the colors all Black and all White in sizes S and M directly from Rose’s online store.




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