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Ampler’s Juna and Axel: lightweight e-bikes with smart features for everyday use


After some speculation about Ampler’s new products, we now know for sure: Ampler has just unveiled the new generation of its lightweight e-bikes with the two models Juna and Axel. The only difference between the two is their frame shape and size — Juna is the model with a comfort frame, while Axel comes with a diamond frame.

As usual from Ampler, the two newcomers also hide their electric components cleverly in the frame and are thus hardly noticeable as an e-bike. The battery with its capacity of 336 Wh, which is firmly installed in the down tube of the frame, is also familiar from the previous Ampler bikes — apart from that, however, almost everything is new or revised: for example, the hub motor in the rear wheel, which is still controlled via a torque sensor. This technology ensures a particularly natural support of the e-drive and certainly comes closest to the usual cycling experience.

New user interface

The new features of the bikes are particularly visible on the top tube: a display is now flush with the frame, providing information on battery status, speed and range. The bike is now switched on and off via a button on the downside of the top tube, which can also be used to control the lighting system.

With this new control element, Ampler addresses several points of criticism of the previous models: until now, the on/off switch was located far down on the bike, making it difficult to operate. The LED display of the battery capacity was also barely visible while riding. And finally, this arrangement was also much more susceptible to dirt.

The same applied to the charging socket, which was also located on the bottom bracket. On the new bikes, this socket is still in the same place, but has now been fitted with a plastic cover — so it should be much better protected against dirt. And another piece of good news: the magnetic charging plug is still available!

Smart features

Thanks to a GPS transmitter installed by default, the new Ampler bikes can now also be tracked via smartphone. This allows owners to view the bike’s location at any time, which significantly reduces worries about theft — because the app informs you via push notification if the bike is moved by someone unfamiliar. Another feature of the completely new app is that the electric drive can be locked in the event of theft. Other functions such as statistics on the rides made or the possibility of firmware updates complete the new app.

Equipment of the bikes

After so much information about the technology, let’s now turn to the actual bikes. Juna and Axel are both designed as singlespeed models and therefore come without gear shifting. They are driven by a largely maintenance-free belt drive from Gates instead of the conventional bicycle chain.

Compared to previous Ampler bikes, the cables and lines are now routed inside the frame, which supports the tidy look. However, the cables on the handlebars are still routed conventionally and thus openly. This does not look quite as clean as on some other models — but it is much easier to maintain and more flexible when replacing handlebar or stem components.

The equipment of both bikes is aimed at urban commuters and is complete: both models have a lighting system with a Busch & Müller IQ-XS headlight and a rear light from Trelock, which is integrated into the mudguard. A bicycle stand is also fitted as standard, a rack is available as an option.

The 27.5″ wheel size was chosen, the Contact Urban tyres are from Continental and are a whopping 50 mm wide — which should make for quite a comfortable ride. Nevertheless, the weight of the two Ampler novelties remains quite low at 16.5 kg!

Both bikes are now available directly at Ampler and cost 2,590 euros. Those interested can choose between two frame sizes (XS and S for Juna, M and L for Axel), but the colors are set: Moon Grey for Juna and Rock Green for Axel.

Are you wondering what will happen to the previous Stellar, Stout and Curt models? They are still on sale, which suggests that they will soon be updated with the features of the new generation. So let’s just wait and see …




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