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Best-of: Slim and lightweight e-bikes with comfort frame


For some time now, we’ve been using the term “comfort frame” as a substitute for the more specialized terms such as “low-slung”, “mixed” or “trapezoidal” frames. More popular would probably be the traditional phrase “ladies’ bike”, especially since the target group of these bikes is certainly largely female. However, regardless of gender, there are a number of advantages to this frame shape: in addition to being easier to get on and off, such a frame is also extremely practical when used with a child seat, for example. And in terms of looks, these comfort frames are usually in no way inferior to their “male” counterparts with diamond frames.

In this article there is now a compilation of the — subjectively — currently most beautiful and interesting e-bikes with comfort frames for the 2021 season, exclusively with particularly slim models that are relatively light and cleverly hide the e-drive.

Orbea Vibe Urban E Bike 2021 H10 EQ MID
Completely new for 2021: The Orbea Vibe MID

Orbea Vibe MID (from 2,399 euros)

As a real novelty for 2021 presents the Orbea Vibe MID. The Vibe series is considered the successor to the popular Gain model series, which, however, was only available with diamond frames. This is now changing with the Vibe, which has been given an attractively curved comfort frame with the addition MID. The drive is Mahles X35+ system, the battery offers a capacity of 248 Wh. The standard colors are black, dark red, olive green and light blue, and the top models also come in turquoise. The integrated cable routing on the cockpit should be emphasized, which creates a particularly tidy look — by no means a matter of course in this price range! So there is the bike already from 2,399 euros, but then without Commuter equipment (mudguards, rack and lighting system). The top model shown here, however, costs 3,499 euros. The total weight of the bikes is then — depending on the comonents — between 15 and 17 kg. More information on the new Vibe model series can be found here.

Ampler Stellar Komfortrahmen 2021
Klassiker: Das Ampler Stellar

Ampler Stellar (2,490 euros)

Since 2018, Ampler has been offering the Stellar — a functional bike with a trapezoidal frame, which is equipped with Ampler’s own drive system. This system, consisting of a hub motor in the rear wheel and a battery with 336 Wh capacity, is controlled via a torque sensor. The result is a particularly natural support of the motor. Otherwise, the Stellar comes with a complete Commuter equipment everything for everyday use and is still pleasantly light at 17.2 kg. Dark blue and red are available as colors, and the price is 2,490 euros. It should be noted that Ampler only markets the bikes directly (online or in its own stores). By the way, we have already tested the technically identical Stout model here.

Cannondale Quick Neo SL Remixte 2021 1
Sporty light: Cannondale’s Quick Neo SL Remixte

Cannondale Quick Neo SL Remixte (2.499 euros)

As a sporty bike, the Quick Neo SL Remixte from Cannondale comes without mudguards, rack and offers no headlight — but at least a taillight. Cannondale relies on Mahles X35 system for the drive, which means it comes with a battery of 248 Wh capacity. As expected, the model is very light at just under 15 kg and is also one of the cheaper models at 2,499 euros. The turquoise color shown is the only option. By the way, you can read our review of this bike here.

Cannondale Treadwell Neo SL Remixte Komfortrahmen 2021
Practical and cool: Cannondale Treadwell Neo EQ Remixte

Cannondale Treadwell Neo EQ Remixte (2.599 euros)

Another model from Cannondale, the Treadwell Neo EQ Remixte, takes a completely different approach. The EQ stands for the equipment called equipment, consisting of lighting system, mudguards and a practical front rack. The fat tires and the BMX-like handlebars provide a comfortable and convenient ride, for the electrical support also provides here the Mahle X35 system with the 248 Wh strong battery. Color-wise, the bike is only available in black, and the price is 2,599 euros. You can read our review of the Treadwell Neo EQ here.

Canyon Commuter ON WMN Komfortrahmen 2021
Canyon Commuter:ON WMN with Fazua drive

Canyon Pendler:ON WMN (3.299 euros)

Also brand new for 2021 is the Commuter:ON series from Canyon. With the addition WMN there are the bikes with a pretty trapezoid frame. The equipment is — according to the name — complete and includes lighting system, mudguards and a rack. The motor used here is the Fazua system, which consists of a mid-motor and a battery with 250 Wh capacity. The advantage is that the battery can be removed from the frame — in contrast, this is fixed in all other bikes of this overview. Canyon’s new handlebar offers an opening for cables and wires, whereby these elegantly disappear in the frame. The weight is still quite light at 17.8 kg, and the price is 3,299 euros. Color-wise, you have the choice between Champagne and the pictured Cherry. More detailed information about the new Commuter models can be found in this article.

Coboc Brixton Komfortrahmen 2021
Coboc Brixton with two racks

Coboc Brixton (3,999 euros)

Brand new is the Brixton from Coboc, here in the TPZ version with trapezoid frame. Typical for Coboc, the bike is equipped with a specially developed drive, consisting of a hub motor in the rear wheel and a 380 Wh strong battery. The motor is controlled via a torque sensor for a particularly natural riding feel. Thanks to two racks, the Brixton is prepared for a wide range of loads, and the rest of the equipment is complete with mudguards and lights. The 18.9 kg bike is available in the colors Riesling Silver and District Red, the price is 3,999 euros. More info on this new model series can be found in this article.

Desiknio 11S Classic Komfortrahmen 2021
Desiknio 11S Urban with derailleur or Pinion gearbox

Desiknio Bike (ab 3.999 euros)

The sporty-elegant bikes from Desiknio are also available with this attractive trapezoidal frame since 2019. In addition to a variant with derailleur gears, the models are also offered with Pinion’s bottom bracket gears and belt drive (we leave out the singlespeed version without gears here for better comparability). The drive of all models also comes from Mahle, accordingly, the battery offers 248 Wh capacity. Here, too, all cables and wires on the handlebars are now routed directly into the stem. Mudguards and a lighting system are installed as standard, a rack is available on request. For 2021, the range has been somewhat punished, whereby the following models are now available: With derailleur the Pinion 11S Urban in Olive Green and Copper Brown for 3,999 euros and the Pinion 11S Classic in Cosmic Latte for 4,390 euros. More expensive are the Pinion models in the form of the Desiknio Pinion Urban with 6-speed gears in Olive Green for 4,890 euros and the Desiknio Pinion Classic with 9-speed gears in Cosmic Latte for 5,620 euros.

LeMond Dutch Komfortrahmen 2021
Carbon bike: LeMond Dutch

LeMond Dutch (from 4,700 euros)

A bike that stands out from the rest: Formally, the Dutch from LeMond is certainly most reminiscent of a classic Dutch bike. However, the bike is ultra-modern in terms of materials, as it is largely made of lightweight carbon. No wonder that the Dutch is one of the lightest models at around 12 kg! The drive comes here also from Mahles X35 series with 248 Wh battery, a light is integrated into the frame and handlebars. Mudguards and racks (front / rear), however, can be ordered optionally — and these parts are then also made of carbon. The colors available are pink, black and ice blue, and prices start at 4,700 euros. However, the LeMond bikes can only be ordered online, and you should also factor in 200 euros for shipping. More information about the LeMond novelties can be found in this article.

Schindelhauer Antonia Pinion Urban E Bike 1
Schindelhauer Antonia with belt drive and Pinion gearbox

Schindelhauer Antonia (4,995 euros)

Exclusively with Pinions bottom bracket gearbox and the clean, as well as low-maintenance belt drive, is Schindelhauers 2021 novelity Antonia equipped. Also here one relies on Mahles X35 drive with 248 Wh battery, as gearbox Pinion’s 9-speed variant is installed. In addition to a largely invisible integrated lighting system in handlebar and seatpost Antonia is also equipped with mudguards; a rack can be optionally retrofitted. The only color available here is cream white, and the price for the 14.9 kg bike is 4,995 euros. More information about this model and the identical Anton with diamond frame can be found in this article.




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