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On sale: VanMoof S3 and X3 are again available for under 2,000 euros!


If you want to ride a VanMoof e-bike soon, you now have the rather rare opportunity to get hold of the smart bike for less than 2,000 euros. With the code MAY15EU you will receive a 15 percent discount on all S3 and X3 bikes until May 29, 2022. The delivery time of the bikes should be only seven days.

Even though the two successors S5 and A5 have already been announced, some time will pass before these two bikes are actually delivered. And those who are enthusiastic about the unusual frame of the X3 should actually grab it now — after all, its successor A5 comes with a completely different frame geometry and a correspondingly different look. You will also have to do without the two colors in black and light blue for the successor, which has only been announced in a very light gray so far.

You can find our review of the VanMoof S3 from 2020 here, but the models have been improved in minor details for 2021 — more about that in this article.

If you’re wondering about the price, the bikes were already available for 1,998 euros when they were first introduced, but recently the prices have increased significantly — and not just at VanMoof. For example, the S3 and X3 are currently offered for a regular 2,348 euros, previously the price was already increased to 2,198. The successors S5/A5 for 2,498 Euros are even more expensive.



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