Limited-Edition: The Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 in Brassy Yellow


Just recently we reported on the new lightweight e-bikes from Specialized’s Vado SL series. It was already clear that these only supplement the existing Vado range. And so it’s no surprise that Specialized is now adding an innovation to the regular Vado models – albeit only with a new, limited color scheme. The colour called “Brassy Yellow” is a real eye-catcher and yellow seems to be the trend this year, which is also evident in wheels such as the Urwahn Platzhirsch, Mokumonos Delta S or the also limited Coboc TEN Merano.

Specialized Turbo Vado 4 LTD 2020 Yellow
Vado 4.0 LTD in it’s special color Brassy Yellow

Apart from the paint, the Limited model has the same characteristics as the regular Vado 4.0, with the “Specialized 1.2 engine” from Brose (known as Drive T) providing 4 times the power of the driver. For comparison: the Vado SL models mentioned above only provide 2 times the power. In figures, this means exactly: the mid-engine offers a maximum torque of 85 Nm and delivers up to 520 watts at peak power (the continuous power output is of course limited to 250 watts, as with all pedelecs in Europe). The removable battery has a correspondingly high capacity of 500 Wh, and in total, there’ s plenty of power available!

But the downside shows up on the scales: with around 23 kg, the Vado is certainly one of the heavier urban e-bikes. One reason for this is the strong, but also heavy drive system. But the Vado 4.0’s extensive features also contribute to this. The bike is equipped with a complete commuter kit including mudguards, rack and a lighting system. In addition, maximum driving comfort is also provided: in addition to 50 mm wide tyres, the Vado is also equipped with a suspension fork and a suspension seat post.

Specialized Turbo Vado 4 LTD 2020 Yellow Step Through
The Vado 4.0 as step-through version

The rest of the bikes’ components are solid: the derailleur gears are from the Deore series by Shimano and offer 10 gears, the hydraulic disc brakes also are from Shimano and belong to the MT200 series. As usual with the Vado models, the Limited model is also offered with an ordinary diamond frame as well as a step-through model. The price of both versions is 3,299 Euros and thus slightly more expensive than the regular Vado 4.0, which costs 3,199 Euros and is available in light grey and dark red. All information about the Vado models can be found on the Specialized website.




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