A Cannondale cargo bike? Even two of them: Cargowagen and Wonderwagen are the names of the new big haul bikes!
Light SUV Concept: this lightweight SUV e-bike marks a new era for Coboc
Eurobike 2023: Urban Bike news for the upcoming season
Lightweight urban e-bike in three styles: Flyer Upstreet SL
Displays, motors and subscription via app: this is how Bosch is expanding the smart system
Finally: Bosch launches the Performance Line SX, a compact drive system for lightweight urban e-bikes
All new at BMC: 257 AMP is the name of the new urban e-bike with Bosch’s drive system
Mayor Plus: New SUV and all-round bikes from Rose
Many innovations and yet hardly anything new: The Bosch e-bike news for 2023
Best-of: Urban e-bikes with powerful mid-motor, hub gears and belt drive

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