Earlier than expected: the new VanMoof S4 and X4 bikes can already be ordered in all colors!
Veloretti Electric Two: these are the new Ivy and Ace Urban ebikes from Veloretti.
Reliable, affordable and still smart: these are the new VanMoof S4 and VanMoof X4 ebikes
Good things take time: Coboc’s new Commuter ebike Vesterbro is finally available!
Rose Sneak Plus MidStep: the singlespeed bike is now also with comfort frame available!
An urban e-bike from the discounter: we take a look at the new Crivit bike from Lidl
C’est chic: Voltaire Bellecour ebike with vintage look and modern technology in the test
Tenways AGO X: affordable SUV ebike with powerful mid-drive motor
Offer: All models of the Tenways CGO 600 are currently available for less than 1,500 Euros!
New kids bikes from Woom: limited edition, automatic transmission and new off-road bikes

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