More flex due to new frame shape

A fresh take on the urban bike: Orbea’s new Diem with a modern design and individual equipment


With a very distinctive frame design, Orbea deliver their own interpretation of what a modern urban bike can look like. The new Diem has a striking look with a slim unisex aluminum frame that makes it easy to get on and off the bike thanks to its lowered top tube.

An exciting feature is the long and flat seat stay, on which the seat tube is attached from above. However, this is by no means a design gimmick — rather, it creates a flex that allows the frame to yield slightly and compensate for bumps. This should result in a more comfortable ride.

The new frame design offers flex for more riding comfort

Modern is also the bike’s lighting system: it is fully integrated, is powered by the bike’s main battery and looks pretty cool. A very narrow rear light with brake light function is integrated flush into the rear mudguard, while there is an equally narrow and very bright position light at the front of the headset. Both lights can remain switched on permanently and thus ensure better visibility in traffic.

When it gets dark, however, there is another highlight: the brand new Starstream light unit from Supernova is located in the handlebars, which offers up to 1000 lumens and 170 lux light output with high beam — and is activated automatically in the dark thanks to a brightness sensor.

Three trim levels, numerous customization options

What all models have in common is the electric drive with Shimano mid-motor, which has a powerful torque of 85 Nm — making it one of the most powerful motors currently available. The power is supplied by a battery that is permanently installed in the down tube and therefore cannot be removed for charging. However, it has a large capacity of up to 630 Wh and an optional range extender with a further 250 Wh can be easily connected to the bike.

The tires are always e-Randonneur from Vittoria with a width of 50 mm, while the hydraulic disc brakes are from Shimano’s new Cues series. The standard equipment also includes mudguards, lights and the rear pannier rack — but that’s just the start of the numerous options for the Diem!

You can choose between a narrow luggage rack (up to 20 kg load) and a wider luggage rack (up to 30 kg load), both of which are compatible with the MIK mounting system. The aforementioned front carrier is also available as an option. If you choose this, the headlight moves out of the handlebars and into this carrier, which means that the light beam cannot be obscured by the cargo. There are also several variants of the headlight itself: the Starstream Pure offers a low beam with 500 lumens and 100 lux, while the optional Starstream Pro also has a high beam with 1,000 lumens and 170 lux!

For additional riding comfort, the rigid seatpost can be replaced by a dropper version (100 mm or 125 mm), and the handlebars are available in a flat and a 54 mm higher riser model. A smartphone holder from SP Connect is always installed in the stem, which also has a USB-C power connection.

Orbea offers the Diem in three versions as a starting point. These differ fundamentally in terms of their drive system, while the rest of the equipment can be customized:

  • The Orbea Diem 10 comes with the Shimano Steps EP8 motor and 85 Nm torque and has the continuously variable transmission from Enviolo, which also works as an automatic transmission thanks to the Automatiq function. Manual shifting is therefore not necessary here! In addition, a Gates belt drive is installed instead of a bicycle chain. This version is configured with a large 630 Wh battery, dropper seat post, front carrier and Starstream Pro headlight.
  • The Orbea Diem 20 comes with the Shimano Steps EP6 motor and 85 Nm torque and has Shimano Nexus Inter-5 hub gears with five gears. A Gates belt drive is also installed here instead of a bicycle chain. This version is configured with a large 630 Wh battery, fixed seat post and Starstream Pure headlight.
  • The Orbea Diem 30 comes with the Shimano Steps EP6 motor and 85 Nm torque and has the Shimano Cues derailleur system with 9 gears. This version is configured with a smaller540 Wh battery, fixed seat post and the Starstream Pure headlight.

The differences between the three variants are also evident in the price: the Diem 10 costs a hefty 5,599 euros, whereas the Diem 20 at 4,599 euros and the Diem 30 at 3,799 euros are significantly cheaper. However, there are few differences in terms of weight, which is said to be between 23 and 24.2 kg depending on the equipment.

The unisex frame is available in four frame sizes for riders between 153 and 206 cm tall, with a choice of matt Spaceship Green, glossy Ivory White and Glitter Anthracite for all three equipment variants. Further information on the new models can be found directly on the Orbea website.




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