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VanMoof makes a big price hike and increases the Smart-Bikes S5 and A5 as of May 1


Competitor Cowboy already did it, as did Veloretti and now also VanMoof: on May 1, 2023, the price of the new generation of VanMoof S5 and VanMoof A5 will be increased by 500 euros ($500 / £300)! Thus, from that date, the two smart bikes will cost 3,498 euros ($3,998 / £3,298). So if you are interested in one of the two bikes, you should place your order these days to get the lower old price. Delivery times for all models are currently stated as June 2023, only the compact VanMoof A5 in light gray will need a bit longer until mid-July.

If you want to find out more about this new generation of bikes, you can find detailed information in that article. In short, however, it can be said that these new models take a significant step further, especially in terms of the drive system — for the first time, a torque sensor is used for a more natural riding experience, and the automatic gearshift has also been fundamentally revised. In everyday use, the USB-C charging option for the smartphone on the handlebars will also be appreciated, especially since the bikes offer extensive connectivity with the dedicated app. 

The larger VanMoof S5 and the more compact VanMoof A5 are still available to order in both light gray and the latest color variant in dark gray until May 1 for 2,998 euros on VanMoof’s website!



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