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Save twice at VanMoof: free PowerBank for S3 and X3


If you are thinking about buying a VanMoof S3 or X3, you should do it now – after all, you are currently saving twice! On the one hand, they have just announced a flash sale in which the battery extension called VanMoof PowerBank is included free of charge with the purchase of one of the e-bikes. To do so, enter the code FLASHSALE in the shopping basket.

VanMoof PowerBank Range
VanMoof PowerBank

With the PowerBank, VanMoof promises a range of an additional 100 km, which is of course a rather theoretical value. But with a capacity of 378 Wh, the additional battery is certainly strong enough to noticeably increase the internal battery capacity of the bikes from 504 Wh. Together with the PowerBank, this results in a total capacity of 882 Wh.

In addition, this makes it much easier to charge the bike, as the bikes themselves have a permanently installed internal battery. The PowerBank, on the other hand, can be easily removed and charged at the desired location. However, you should also bear in mind the additional weight, as the PowerBank alone weighs 2.8 kg. More detailed information on charging and using the PowerBank can be found in this article.

However, those who order now will not only benefit from the free additional battery: as VanMoof has announced that the prices of the smart bikes will be raised by 150 euros shortly (more precisely from 8 March 2022). This means that the S3 and X3 will only be available at the current price of 2,198 euros until then.

Together with the 348 euro range extender, the savings potential is currently almost 500 euros. Everything else about the promotion is available here at VanMoof.

You can find our review of the 2020 generation VanMoof S3 here. The updates for 2021 were rather limited and can be read here. If you are still deciding whether the Cowboy, VanMoof or even the Veloretti Electric is better for you, then take a look at this comparison.




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  1. Climping Charlie

    Why are they no longer available apart from US? I ask VanMoof why and cannot get a straight answer other than that I should try eBay! Would love to know the real reason.

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