For VanMoofs S3 and X3

VanMoof PowerBank: Extra battery for up to 100 km additional range


With the additional battery PowerBank VanMoof expands the already extensive range of accessories for the smart bikes S3 and X3. It is a range extender that can be additionally connected to the existing bike. Thanks to the quite large capacity of 378 Wh, the range can be extended by up to 100 km (in economy mode, at full power it should still be 45 km). As a reminder, the S3 and X3 models have an internal battery with 504 Wh; together with the PowerBank, this adds up to a remarkable 882 Wh of total capacity.

VanMoof S3 PowerBank Range
VanMoof S3 with PowerBank in frame triangle

That the whole thing does not only have advantages becomes clear when you look at the weight: The S3 is not exactly light anyway with around 21 kg, and the PowerBank adds another 2.8 kg. In total, you end up with about 24 kg, which is quite heavy. Users who are considering using the PowerBank as a “removable battery” for permanent use should definitely consider the additional weight — and the less tidy look.

Technically, the additional battery can not only be used to extend the range while driving, but the PowerBank can also be used to charge the integrated battery. However, it should be noted that the integrated battery can never be fully charged due to its higher capacity. In addition, the PowerBank can also never serve solely as the main power source for riding the bike: so the drive system of the bike always draws its energy from the internal battery — and this must be at least 5% charged when the PowerBank is connected.

VanMoof PowerBank Range Extender Detail
Additional 378 Wh at 2.8 kg weight

By the way, VanMoof’s PowerBank is fairly priced at 348 Euros. If you can use this extra range every now and then, you will get a useful and flexible add-on. However, those who hoped to get a kind of VanMoof with a removable battery will have to accept the mentioned drawbacks.

The PowerBank can now be pre-ordered directly from VanMoof, but delivery is not scheduled for 10 to 12 weeks. By the way, you can read the review of the VanMoof S3 here.




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