One year Cowboy 3

Birthday discount: the Cowboy 3 is now available for under 2,000 euros


Cowboy, maker of the smart and connected design bike with electric drive system, is making the Cowboy 3, which was introduced a year ago, even more attractive for all e-bike enthusiasts. Thanks to the permanent and immediately valid price reduction of 200 euros, the connected bike including smart features such as accident detection as well as mudguards is now available for 1,990 euros. In addition, the short delivery times mean that the first ride on the new bike can be taken just 10 days after ordering.

The Cowboy 3 impresses with its elegant and minimalist design. The nearly silent and powerful motor also offers a unique riding experience — made for the urban jungle. The smart functions of the app, which include automatic unlocking of the Cowboy 3, the navigation function for the healthiest route, and theft detection, round off the overall package of the Cowboy 3 and are intended to make it the perfect companion for everyday use. The new Cowboy app announced for September also offers full compatibility with the Cowboy 3.

The Cowboy 4 and Cowboy 4 ST, launched in May, have already won the Red Dot Award and can currently be pre-ordered. Delivery of the new models will begin this fall.

With a price of 2,490 euros, the new and fourth generation is now a whole 500 euros more expensive compared to the Cowboy 3 — which makes the predecessor quite interesting, especially since the competitor VanMoof has also recently increased the prices to 2,198 euros. You can read a comparison between the Cowboy 3 and the VanMoof here. How the new Cowboy 4 stacks up against the VanMoof and the new Veloretti Electric can be found here.

By the way, the photos above are from our review of the Cowboy 2, which is visually largely identical to the Cowboy 3 — although the newer model is also available in light mineral gray. Alternatives to the Cowboy can be found in this article: Best-of: Minimalist singlespeed e-bikes with belt drive.



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