Better components, new color shades: the smart Urban E-Bike Cowboy 3


Cowboy started in 2018 with the ebike of the same name (which we tested here), the big breakthrough came in 2019 with the slightly modified second Cowboy model. For less than 2,000 Euros, they put together an extremely attractive overall package consisting of good design, many functions and innovative smartphone features. Now the latest generation has just been presented with the Cowboy 3: Just like its predecessor, the innovations are to be found in the details, but in practice they make an important difference!

Thus, the revision was primarily based on previous points of criticism: Numerous cowboy drivers complained about the tyres on the last model, which led too quickly to a flat tire. This should now be a thing of the past, which is why puncture-proof tyres of the type Continental Contact Plus are now being used. These should now ensure fewer punctures, but also contribute to a slightly higher weight of now 16.9 kg. This means that the new cowboy has become minimally heavier (previously 16.1 kg was mentioned) — but of course it still belongs to the lighter e-bikes.

The second point of criticism was the belt: Up to now, a “no-name” model has been used, which was already negative in our test: Strong pedalling when starting uphill led to a loud cracking noise — probably because the belt slipped through. But here too, the Cowboy 3 is now based on proven brand-name products from Gates with the Carbon Drive. The Gates belt is still considered the standard among bicycle belts and so far no other brand has been able to shake it (even Continental failed in their attempt).

Cowboy 3 Smart Urban Bike 2020 Mineral Grey Fenders
New mudguards, Gates belt, Continental tyres: Cowboy 3 in mineral grey

The cowboy bike is still only available in one frame size, which should fit riders from 170 to 195 cm. But you can now — and this is new — choose between three colour shades: besides the well-known Absolute Black, the bike is now also available in Anthracite Grey as well as in Mineral Grey. By the way, the optional mudguards have also been revised with the new model. These are in black, have the same shape as ordinary mudguards and should therefore be able to perform their duties inconspicuously and effective.

A big deal for Cowboy has been smartphone connectivity from the very beginning. Here too, there are a number of improvements to the app that should also benefit users of older Cowboy models. For example, there is an Auto Unlock function that automatically unlocks the bike when you approach with the smartphone. As before, you can view the bike’s position thanks to the integrated GPS sensor, and with Cowboy’s optional Easy Rider insurance, you even get a notification if the bike is moved without your own intervention. For a monthly fee, a theft insurance is also included. Another new feature is an air quality display — it should help to avoid areas with bad air. More important, however, is certainly crash detection, which alerts the cowboy team in case of a crash.

Cowboy 3 Smart Urban Bike 2020 Anthrazite
Cowboy 3 in Anthracite Grey

Apart from the innovations, the latest cowboy is also a rather sporty designed single speed bike with a hub motor (30Nm torque) in the rear wheel. The drive is controlled by a torque sensor, which allows a very natural motor response. The battery sits in the seat tube, offers a capacity of 360 Wh and is — a special feature in this category of e-bikes — removable. An integrated lighting system ensures that you are easily seen in traffic. However, this is unfortunately not StVZO-approved for the new model either. The hydraulic disc brakes are from Tektro and the handlebars are still unusually narrow, only 540 mm wide.

The option previously known as “off-road mode”, to use the bike on private property with electric assistance up to 30 km/h, now seems to have been dropped. Certainly a concession to the official european pedelec guidelines, which only allow assistance up to 25 km/h. Something similar had been seen before at Coboc and Ampler: In the beginning there was also such a feature there, but with growing popularity it was withdrawn.

Cowboy 3 Smart Urban Bike 2020 Black
Classic in the familiar black

There remains the naming of the price: 2,290 Euros for the Cowboy 3, making the bike 300 Euros more expensive. At first sight surprising, since only recently VanMoof — certainly also in reaction to the cheap cowboy bike — presented their new model S3 for just under 2,000 Euros. On the other hand, the price increase can certainly be justified by the better components. And finally, even at this price, the new cowboy is still a good deal in terms of the many features it contains. As before, the bike can only be ordered online, further information can be found on the Cowboy website.




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