Preview: The new S3 and X3 e-bikes from Vanmoof


Actually Vanmoof announced the presentation of the new electric bikes S3 and X3 only for the 21st of April 2020 – but for a short time there was already a landing page online, where you could find some information about the new products and also find your way to Reddit or The Verge. Apart from the technical aspects, which we’ll go into in a second, it’s the price that stands out: Vanmoof calls 1.998 USD for the new S3 or X3! Currently the price for the predecessor is 3.398 USD, in Germany 3.398 Euro are due. So it can be assumed that the new model series will be available in Germany for 1,998 Euro. This will probably not only make the bikes about 1,400 less expensive, but will also compete directly with the cowboy bike (which we tested here) in terms of price. The formula that more competition is good for the consumer also seems to be true here.

Vanmoof S3 Leak 2020 Neuheiten Farben Preis
The new Vanmoof S3, here in light/light blue
Vanmoof X3 Leak 2020 Neuheiten Farben Preis
The smaller X3, here in dark/black

But now to the innovations of the bikes. First of all, the differences between the Vanmoof S3 and Vonmoof X3 are mainly in the frame and therefore the size of the bikes. The S3 corresponds to an ordinary standard bike in terms of frame and size, the X3 is much more compact, has smaller tyres and is also more suitable for smaller people. On the other hand, the electric drive and features are largely identical on both models.

From a technical point of view, the following features are given special attention:

Vanmoof S3 X3 Leak 2020 Neuheiten Schaltung

The “industry-first electronic gear shifting, for the smoothest ride ever”. We already know electronic gears (Di2 from Shimano, SRAM eTAP etc.), so this won’t be the very first electronic gearshift – but still a new and interesting feature. It remains to be seen how many gears Vanmoof will integrate into the gear system and whether it will be an in-house development or a model from an established gear manufacturer. Up to now, the (mechanical) automatic gear shift of SRAM was used, but its production was stopped a long time ago anyway.

Vanmoof S3 X3 Leak 2020 Neuheiten Bremsen

“Precise and powerful braking in all weather conditions”. It is quite possible that this (finally) means the abandonment of mechanical disc brakes in favour of hydraulic disc brakes. Also interesting is the brake lever, which seems to have a button for the drive at the bottom and which could be a Vanmoof design.

Vanmoof S3 X3 Leak 2020 Neuheiten Ergonimie

“Reengineered ergonomics for effortless all-day cycling”. The ergonomics have apparently been improved, but the new models are still available in only one frame size each. Also, the stem handlebar unit does not seem to be adjustable, but there is a cover on the underside of the new saddle – is there anything special behind it?

Vanmoof S3 X3 Leak 2020 Neuheiten Motor

“Ride faster, farther and more efficiently than ever before”. That much is clear. Vanmoof continues to adhere to the concept of the front engine. This may be a disappointment for some, but it is not for nothing that this drive has now extinct. Despite all this, this system also works and the teaser gives hope for a larger battery capacity (up to now it was 504 Wh) or a more economical motor.

Apparently, the new models will only be available for pre-order for the time being, which indicates that delivery will take place at a later date. We will find out more by April 21st at the latest when Vanmoof is due to make the official presentation of the new bikes. The colours of the bikes have already been decided: Both models will be available in light blue and dark black.



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