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Eco-friendly saddle: Brooks’ C17 Special Recycled Nylon


Step by step for more sustainability: Although Brooks has always been known for its legendary leather saddles, they introduced the leather-free Cambium series a few years ago, which is now just as established. With the new C17 Special Recycled Nylon, Brooks now presents its most sustainable Cambium saddle to date. 

Wherever possible, eco-materials are used in the manufacturing process of the C17 Recycled Nylon. The saddle surface is made from industrial waste materials that are first converted into a resilient nylon yarn and then braided into a durable fabric, reducing the need for virgin resources and producing less waste. This fabric is then vulcanized with a sustainably harvested natural rubber to provide optimal protection against wetness and create Brooks’ signature “hammock” effect and comfort.

The nose piece as well as the saddle back plate are made of Liquid Wood, an innovative biopolymer that is 100% biodegradable and made from by-products of the paper industry. Rounded off with corrosion-resistant stainless steel stays and aluminum rivets, the C17 Special Recycled Nylon is well equipped for long-lasting comfort on the way to a greener future.

In addition to the light shade natural, the new C17 Special Recycled Nylon is also available in black. With a length of 283 mm and a width of 164 mm, the new variant corresponds exactly in dimensions to the known, regular C17 saddle. The weight of 392 grams, however, is even slightly lower. More information about the new saddle is available on Brooks England’s website.



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