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Good things take time: Coboc’s new Commuter ebike Vesterbro is finally available!


With its new Vesterbro, Coboc from Heidelberg introduces the new edition of their first commuter bike — and this now for the second time! Already at the end of August 2021 (!) this bike was announced, but was delayed due to the supply chain shortages at the time ever further. Now, about one and a half years later, the situation has relaxed noticeably and the bike can finally come to market!

The new Vesterbro is the remake of the 2015 model, which was Coboc’s first commuter e-bike and caused a stir with its commuter-friendly features such as mudguards, lights and almost invisible luggage holders. And this is exactly where the new model picks up, whereby the bike now features the latest technology and is equipped with a derailleur instead of the purist singlespeed drive.

The heart of Coboc’s bikes is their self-developed e-drive, consisting of a CBC01 hub motor in the rear wheel, a 380 Wh battery in the down tube (permanently installed) and the largely invisible controls. There is only one button on the underside of the top tube that can be used to switch the e-drive on and off, and it can also be used to switch between two riding modes. Five LEDs on the top indicate the remaining battery level — it could hardly be more minimal and inconspicuous!

For more information, however, there is a smartphone app for iOS and Android that can display the current speed as well as the exact charge level or the distance traveled. In addition, the assist modes can be changed and configured according to personal preferences.

The aforementioned derailleur is an 11-speed model from the SRAM NX series, while the hydraulic disc brakes come from Riderever (ARC-U type). Not only for commuters is the installed lighting system of interest with a Supernova headlight at the front and the Coboc-typical rear light, which is integrated into the seat tube. Mudguards, the almost invisible bag holder and a bike stand complete the equipment suitable for everyday use. 

Of course, you will not find any suspension on such a lightweight bike — the new Vesterbro is said to weigh in at a mere 15.6 kg! At least the tires in 27.5″ format with 44 mm should be wide enough to provide sufficient riding comfort on firm ground. This is supported by the ergonomically curved handlebars and the Cambium Grips including matching saddle from Brooks.

In addition to the Raw Finish in untreated aluminum (the fork is black because it is made of carbon), the Coboc Vesterbro is also available in Anvil Grey metallic at a price of 4,799 euros from June. Interested parties can choose from four frame sizes, and a variant with a trapezoidal frame is also to follow in the course of the summer. Then, at the latest, the somewhat bumpy Vesterbro launch will be over: All’s well that ends well!




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