Durability due to battery reconditioning

Coboc Circular Concept: more sustainability for e-bikes


On the occasion of the IAA Mobility 2021, Coboc presents its vision of a sustainable e-bike concept of tomorrow: The “Coboc Circular Concept” is particularly convincing due to its inner values. With its circular concept, it sets new standards by allowing multiple use of the battery and the frame and by focusing on the durability of wear parts. In this way, in a first look at future standards, Coboc achieves even more sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions and conserving scarce resources.

Today, our economy functions largely in a linear fashion. This means that products are manufactured in such a way that after one life cycle they are used up forever and end up in a landfill. There they are stored or incinerated. It is obvious that this “throwaway economy” is not sustainable. Scarce resources are quickly depleted in this way. The counter design to the linear economy is the circular economy. It pursues the goal of extending the useful life of raw materials by repeatedly returning them to the production cycle. As a visionary of urban mobility, Coboc revolutionised the market a good ten years ago with its slim and extremely light Slim e-bikes. Coboc still lives this spirit today — and is ready for the next revolution, this time circular. 

The concept: step by step from the e-bike battery to the power unit

As far as the battery is concerned, Coboc has a decisive advantage over the competition: with the Coboc Electric Drive, the Heidelberg-based e-bike builders have developed their own drive system that can be modified in its details and adapted to the needs of a circular concept. For example, the battery can be tested and refurbished after its first life cycle and then used again in the circular bikes with a good 90 percent of its original capacity. This still corresponds to over 300 Wh — more than enough for urban use. The customer also has the advantage that the actual capacity of each bike can be determined. This means that sales prices could be based on the capacities. 

Coboc Circular Concept Power Unit Autark
Coboc Power Unit with solar panel

After the second life cycle, the battery still achieves over 70 percent of its original power. This is no longer enough for bikes, but in a double pack the batteries can be converted into mobile energy storage units that can be used to charge not only the e-bike but also all kinds of electronic devices. The Coboc Power Unit, for example, could supply a standard notebook with power for almost nine days. Paired with a solar panel, this even creates a self-sufficient and mobile energy solution — whether in the garden shed, on holiday or even in structurally less developed parts of the world.

A circular frame and durable wear parts

Similar to the battery, the frame is also suitable for repeated use. After the first cycle of use, it can be inspected — and if structurally intact — refurbished. Since no paint is used in the “Circular Concept” for sustainability reasons, the material simply needs to be sanded and brushed to visually restore the frame to its original condition.

Coboc Circular Concept Pinion E Bike
Coboc Circular Concept Bike with Pinion’s Gearbox

And that’s not all. The circular vision shows: Where the possibilities of the cycle end, there is no need to stop with smart ideas for resource conservation. For example, the current development stage of the “Coboc Circular Concept Bike” is equipped with a gearbox and a belt drive. Both are durable and low-maintenance, which minimises the consumption of wear parts. With this concept, which also extends to the sourced materials, as well as their production and delivery, Coboc wants to once again set impulses in the industry.


A concept that makes sense! In view of the increasing boom of e-bikes, it is high time to find solutions for the longest possible and sustainable use of components. This is exactly where Coboc comes in with the Circular Concept — and it will be interesting to see how this concept is implemented. Will it be possible to buy refurbished Coboc bikes at a correspondingly lower price? When will the Circular Concept be launched? Will the entire model range be integrated? Even though there are still a few unanswered questions, one thing seems to be clear: according to the announcement and photos, the first Coboc bike with a Pinion gearbox is ready to go — finally!



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