With new 250X battery pack

Canyon Roadlite:ON — lightweight e-bikes with new version of Fazua’s drive system


With the new 2021 model year direct marketer Canyon presents today the new edition of the well-known Roadlite:ON models. These attracted attention at their launch in mid 2019 also because they were quite inexpensive despite the innovative Fazua drive. And with their everyday geometry and the flatbar handlebars, the Roadlite:ON models were also suitable as ideal (fair weather) urban bikes.

The good news right away: all of these features remain in place for the 2021 model. The new entry-level model is the Roadlite:ON 6, which costs 2,699 euros – exactly the same as the previous entry-level model AL7.0 (without discounts). For this, buyers now get the bike with a 12-speed instead of the previous 10-speed derailleur from Shimano’s Deore series. Their gradation is now 10-51 teeth, which in combination with the 48er chainring should facilitate the ride on steep climbs again. Ergonomic grips from Ergon are used on the handlebars on the new model, as well as a different saddle. All these small changes to the equipment should also be the reason for a slight increase in weight: so the new model now brings with 16.18 kg about 600 g more on the scale than the predecessor.

Otherwise, the components remain largely untouched: hydraulic disc brakes of the type Shimano MT200 are used as brakes and Schwalbes G-One tires with a width of 35 mm are used as before. The frame itself is made of aluminum and is completed by a lightweight fork made of carbon. The internal cables emphasize the reduced appearance of the bike.

As a second model Canyon introduces the new Roadlite:ON 7. This is with 3,399 euros significantly more expensive, but offers the higher-quality XT circuit from Shimano with also 12 gears with identical gradation. The brakes are also better, Shimano’s RS600 models are used here. Noteworthy is the Canyon CP04 cockpit — a carbon cockpit with clean monocoque design, which combines stem and handlebar. The weight, on the other hand, is the same as that of the inexpensive 6 model.

However, the most striking difference — at least from the point of view of the predecessor model — on both new models should be the new battery version of the Fazua drive. This version, called 250X, can now always be switched on with the control unit on the bike and no longer has to be removed from the frame. “Finally”, you might say: because until now it was actually the case with older models that the Fazua battery was sent into a kind of deep sleep. Only removing it from the frame and pressing the power button on the battery’s inner case brought it back to life. A cumbersome procedure, which is now finally a thing of the past!

Apart from that, the Fazua drive has been unique since its presentation up to the present day: the compact bottom bracket drive combines both the motor with its 55 Nm of torque and the 250 Wh battery in a single unit. It sits in the down tube of the bike and can be removed in one piece, allowing the bike to be ridden entirely without electric assistance. This reduces the weight significantly, in the case of the new Roadlite:ON models to around 13 kg. An exciting option for anyone who wants to use their bike as a comfortable means of transport, but also as a more sporty training tool. This means that an e-bike and an analog bike are available in one.

Color-wise, you’re stuck with the models pictured here: The Roadlite:ON 6 is only available in Shadow Grey, while the Roadlite:ON 7 is only available in Light Grey, both in five frame sizes from XS to XL.

Last but not least, of course, is the also quite new Commuter:ON models. These offer a comparable concept with the Fazua drive, but are equipped with everyday Commuter equipment such as lights, mudguards and rack. But of course a bit heavier and with not quite as sporty look.

All further information on the new bikes is available directly on the Canyon website.




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