Fitness, fun and street life: this is the new Coboc Sydney.
Maximum in all respects: the new Stromer ST7 S-pedelec
Diamant 365: slim, lightweight and affordable e-bikes with a new drive system
Tenways CGO 600: A singlespeed ebike with belt drive at a bargain price
Mahle X20: Lightest drive system for e-bikes, supported by artificial intelligence
Lightweight e-bike with custom design options: Orbea Vibe H10 MUD in test
Affordable e-bike for 1,999 euros: the Bird Bike is now available!
Mokumono Polder: E-bike with a unique design — made in Europe
Affordable singlespeed e-bike with some special details: Rose Sneak+ LTD
The new VanMoof S5 comes with a torque sensor — and as A5 with a low-step frame.

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