Steel frame ebike with electric shifting: the Geos bike with Pinion’s Smart.Shift gearbox in the test
Black Friday deal: all cowboy bikes reduced by 800 euros — as long as they are black
Update of a bestseller: the low-priced Decathlon R500E V2 longtail cargo bike
Affordable singlespeed e-bike with Mahle drive system: Decathlon Elops Speed 900E Connect
Cannondale Mavaro Neo SL: Affordable everyday e-bikes with suspension and fat tires
ADO Air 20 review: How good is the affordable electric folding bike with belt drive?
Amplers new Mint & Pink collection launched at Hamburg pop-up store opening
The new Moustache J: a versatile e-bike with full suspension that’s highly sustainable!
Responsive, quiet and lightweight: that’s why hub motor and torque sensor are a perfect team
Lemmo One Belt drive: first impression of the singelspeed e-bike with exciting new updates!

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