Pirelli CYCL-e Winter: the winter tire for urban bikes


Pirelli has developed a special winter tire for city bikes and city e-bikes whose innovative features allow safe city riding even in winter. CYCL-e Winter (WT) is the first winter tire for bicycles, developed by Pirelli for those who regularly ride two wheels in winter.

The winter tire, which is a matter of course for cars, is now also available for bicycles: Pirelli’s CYCL-e WT is designed for demanding road asphalt and very cold surfaces, even in the minus range or with a thin layer of snow. The tread, developed by Pirelli’s R&D department, has sipe-shaped incisions that guarantee the best grip at the first snow, but also optimum control on dry surfaces.

Pirelli Cycl e Winterreifen Urban Bike Profil

During the development process it was taken into account that modern e-bikes are becoming more and more powerful. An additional performance advantage of the CYCL-e WT for any city or touring bike is that it adapts to low temperatures and thus ensures reliable road grip even in the minus range. And the very short warm-up time ensures maximum grip on all typical city surfaces in winter conditions.

The tread of the CYCL-e tire consists of two layers – a composite “cap” on the outside in contact with the asphalt, and a “base” layer on the inside to protect against perforations. In addition, the rubber compound of CYCL-e is environmentally friendly. It contains recycled rubber powder from used tires.

The CYCL-e WT tire is available in the sizes 37-622, 42-622, 50-622, the weight varies between 780 g and 1,110 g at a price of about 45 Euro. More information about the new tire is also available on the Pirelli website.



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