Perfect fit thanks to 3D printing

Personomic: custom handlebar grips for bicycles


Custom-made silicone bicycle grips with a perfect fit and high durability — that’s exactly what the makers of Personomic are currently offering via a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Regular bicycle grips are often designed only for the average hand, which can lead to hand discomfort due to increased pressure on nerve pathways. The grips from Personomic, however, are adapted to the individual user’s hand and thus support the natural arch of the hand for pain-free riding. This is made possible by a hand scan using a smartphone: in a guided process, a photo of the hand is taken on a sheet of paper via the smartphone browser. This serves as a reference object accurate to the millimeter.

Hand scan via smartphone

The resulting data is used to generate a digital twin of the user’s hand: a freely movable 3D model including bone, tissue and skin. This shape of the hand is then transferred to a handle blank, with Personomic’s software simulating an ideal handle position. The final production of the handle, or its mold, then takes place in industrial 3D printers. The mold is then filled with silicone in a vacuum process.

Besides a high longevity, this silicone is also supposed to offer optimal damping properties, especially in the wrist-rest area. Thus, vibrations, especially on uneven surfaces, are virtually “swallowed” by the material.

Custom design options

Thanks to individual production, customers also have full control over the design of the handles: There are a total of 350 possible design combinations. You can choose from various textures and engrave the handle if you wish. In addition, the silicone and clamping ring can be combined in different colors as desired.

The pair of custom handlebar grips can currently be pre-ordered for 69 euros here on Kickstarter. The finished product is scheduled for delivery in April 2022.



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