Transparent grips with custom labels

Cool bike accessories: customizable handlebar grips from Freeze


A small idea with a big effect: The makers of Freeze have specialized in transparent handlebar grips, which can be individualized by means of an inlay label. The transparent grip then reveals the printed label, which can be freely customized according to the wishes. Thus, the cockpit can be adapted perfectly to the design of the bike and give the bike a bit more individuality. In addition to numerous ready-made designs, you also have the option of uploading your own designs — which means there are no limits to your creativity. And thanks to the separate labels, the designs of the grip can of course also be easily replaced at any time.

As for the grips themselves, they have a length of 133 mm and have an angular polygon shape on the surface for a good grip. In addition to a Push-On grip, which is simply put over the handlebar, there is also the new Twist Clamp grip. This is tightened with a clamp made of aluminum, which should work without further tools. Incidentally, the push-on grip can also be retrofitted with the twist clamp mechanism!

The push-on grips are available for a reasonable 29 euros including one design, while the twist clamp grips cost 49 euros. Additional labels are 5 euros in a set of 2. More information about the grips is available directly from Freeze.



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