180 Wh for a fair price

More range on demand — with the new powerbank from Tenways


It’s a vicious circle: although the slim and lightweight e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, the aforementioned attributes are usually also associated with a moderate battery size. The range may be quite sufficient for everyday use, but sometimes you wish you had a bit more!

The solution is a power bank, also known as a range extender. This is a compact additional battery that can simply be attached to the bike when needed and thus increases the range. Basically, this is a clever solution, since you only really need to carry this additional battery (and its weight) with you when you need it.

We already know such solutions, among others, from the Mahle system or also from VanMoof — and now Tenways also offers such a power bank. With 180 Wh capacity expands depending on the bike used between additionally about 50 to 70 percent. Compatible is the accessory with the following bikes:

The pentagonal battery pack is attached to the frame with Velcro fasteners, and the included adapter cable is then connected to the bike’s charging port. The powerbank primarily recharges the battery installed in the bike, as it supplies the power somewhat less quickly. In practice, this means that you should not connect the powerbank when the battery in the bike is already empty. Rather, you should use the power bank on longer tours from the beginning!

The weight of the powerbank is 1.25 kg and a weatherproof cover to protect the battery is also included. However, you should consider the lack of possibility to secure this additional battery with a lock — only the Velcro straps keep it on the frame, which you can also remove quite easily.

Another useful feature is the USB port on the powerbank, which can be used to charge a smartphone, for example. Typical for Tenways is also the fair pricing: 299 euros are due for the new powerbank, which can be ordered in the online store now!



2 thoughts on “More range on demand — with the new powerbank from Tenways”

    1. UrbanBike.News | Oliver

      You have to ask Tenways directly, but I don’t think so, since two completely different e-drives are installed, which are certainly not compatible with each other.

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