AirTag with alarm system

Knog Scout: Bike alarm system with Apple’s AirTag tracking function


Knog, the accessory specialist from Australia, is known for innovative products that stand out from the competition: whether it’s a futuristic bicycle light, the minimalist bicycle bell Oi or the latest product Knog Scout. This is a gadget that combines two functions at once — Scout is an alarm system on the one hand, and a tracker for locating the position of the bike on the other.

With Apple’s tracking technology

For the tracker, Knog uses Apple’s Find Me technology, known from the popular AirTags. We have already described their localization function in detail in this article.

In short, the conclusion is: Apple’s system has some limitations compared to GPS-based trackers, but scores with a comparatively low price and very long battery life. These attributes also apply to Knog’s Scout, which is sold as an officially certified Apple accessory.

It should also be noted that the function only works with iOS devices from Apple. The Scout is also equipped with the AirTag’s anti-stalking function: if a stranger is on the bike with the Scout for a longer period of time, it will alert the user with a warning tone. In the event of theft, this is of course a disadvantage, as it may draw a thief’s attention to the tracker. However, the owner has at least until then to find out the position of the bike.

The localization is then done directly in Apple’s Find Me app, where the tracker is listed similar to a regular AirTag. Knog’s own smartphone app is then needed for the second function, the alarm system: a sensor in the Scout registers movements and then triggers an alarm — depending on the set sensitivity. The app turns the alarm function on and off and notifies you when the alarm is triggered.

Here the Scout is better than an AirTag

Compared to the AirTag, however, the Scout has an integrated battery instead of a disposable coin cell. The battery life is said to be up to 6 months, and charging is done via a current USB-C port.

Acoustically, the Scout draws attention to itself with a warning signal up to 85 db loud, which indicates the potential theft and should thus prevent it as far as possible.

With its dimensions of 105 x 25 mm at just under 1 cm thick, the housing of the Scout is pleasantly inconspicuous and can be attached to any frame with bottle cage mounting thanks to two matching screws. If you mount it under such, it is almost invisible. If you mount it without a bottle cage, however, it is easier to see. For this Knog provides a bright yellow protective cover, which makes the gadget stand out – and thus potential thieves should rather deter.


With the Scout, Knog offers a highly interesting accessory for Apple users who want to protect their bike a bit better against theft. The function is almost identical to an AirTag, but the Scout can be easily recharged with its battery. The alarm function is also a real added value compared to the Airtag, especially since the price of the gadget also seems really fair: Knog’s Scout costs just under 60 Euros — and is thus only about 30 Euros more expensive than Apple’s tracker, which offers less bike-oriented functions and also usually requires its own mounting.

Update: We were able to put Knog’s Scout to a detailed review over here.




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