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Curt in four flavors: Ampler’s lightweight urban e-bike comes now also with comfort frame and all-new anyroad version


For their e-bike couples Stellar and Stout as well as Juna and Axel, Ampler Bikes offered the choice between a classic diamond frame with a high top tube and a comfort frame in a trapezoidal shape right from the start. In contrast, Curt — which has always been the lightest and sportiest model from the brand from Estonia – has led a rather lonely existence until now, as the bike was offered only with a high top tube. This is now changing, as there will be a total of four variants of the Curt from 2024!

The four versions of Ampler’s Curt

Firstly, Curt is now available for the first time in a low-step version with a comfort frame, and secondly, there is also a new equipment version with the addition of Anyroad for both frame shapes. This means that the line-up now comprises four models: Curt, Curt Low-Step, Curt Anyroad and Curt Anyroad Low-Step.

All Curt models rely on the proven e-drive that can be found in all Ampler bikes: a compact hub motor in the rear wheel powers the bike, while the drive is controlled via a torque sensor for a natural riding experience. The battery is permanently installed in the down tube and has a capacity of 336 Wh. A small display integrated into the top tube provides information about the remaining battery capacity, speed or riding mode.

The mudguards are unobtrusive in black and the lighting system with the cool rear light in the seat post is just as discreet. All in all, a bike that is hardly recognizable as an e-bike, and with a weight of 14.4 kg in the single-speed version, it is also pleasantly light! Worth mentioning: Curt is now only available as a single-speed bike, the previously optional derailleur version is now only available in the new Anyroad model!

New Anyroad variant for all-road adventures

This Anyroad version is all new: Equipped with slightly wider tires (43 instead of 40 mm), mounting points on the fork and the 10-speed derailleur gears, this bike is designed to be well equipped for all-road adventures and bike-packing excursions. In line with its configuration, the weight of the Anyroad version is slightly higher at 16.9 kg.

Ampler Curt 2024 Urban E Bike Anyroad High Step Silver 1
The new Anyroad version with wider tires, mounting points on the fork and derailleur gears

Improved Ampler app

Ampler’s smartphone app is set to get some improvements and will continue to offer intelligent GPS tracking in combination with the bikes. It shows the location of the bike and the progress of the ride in real time, and the bike can also be locked electronically directly via the app when parked. If someone then tries to move the bike, the app sends a notification.

Pricing and availability

All new Curt variants are available to order now, with a choice of three colors: black, silver and lavender. The bikes can also be optionally equipped with a rear rack or a trailer coupling. The price for the Curt Anyroad with derailleur gears is on a par with the regular Curt with single speed and comes to 3,690 euros. Further information on the new models can be found directly here at Ampler.




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