In the check: The stylish and reflective cycling vests from gofluo


No question: A safety vest is certainly useful for cyclists in road traffic — but the usual vests from construction sites and car accessories look quite simple. However, the label gofluo from the Netherlands proves that this does not have to be the case. They manufacture stylish tops especially for cyclists, which provide a plus in safety thanks to their reflective material.

In addition to vests and jackets for adults, there is also a large selection for children. Here the advantages of reflective clothing become even more apparent, as the young cyclists are even more often overlooked in road traffic.

Gofluo has kindly provided a package for the whole family to check, so we can take a closer look at the pieces here. So, on the one hand the vest Gloria for women arrived, which is already sparkling with its sequin trim. As reflective elements, a strip around the waistband, on the shoulder and one in the middle of the back ensure good visibility. A nice detail are the closure buttons. The fit of the vest is fashionably quite short — but that is no problem, because the vests from gofluo are usually worn over regular clothing.

The Darknight vest undoubtedly brings out the maximum in terms of reflection — with a completely reflective surface, the vest almost glows when it is caught by a light beam! The photo taken with flash in the dark proves this impressively. Neon colored details like the zipper, the hem and the hanging cord on the back complete the typical look of gofluo. By the way, the opening for the face is cut quite tight at the hood — practical when cycling, as it stays firmly in place even at high speeds.

One example from the children’s series is the vest Joy, which is also equipped with a hood. Like the adult models, this vest is also made of waterproof material and is certified for its reflective surface. But much more important for the children themselves is the cool look of the tops — and thanks to the bright neon colors, the gofluo pieces are sure to be a hit with young users! By the way, for the best fit, there are four children’s sizes to choose from, covering the ages from 2 to 12 years.

Besides the vests presented here, there are also many similar models with other designs. Besides the vests, jackets and practical accessories like reflective backpack covers are now also in the program. The complete collection can be discovered on the gofluo website, where they can also be ordered directly.



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