In the check: KED’s urban cycling helmet Mitro UE-1


With its minimalist and tidy design, the Mitro UE-1 bicycle helmet from Mitro scored points right from the start. This check is intended to show how the model — which is aimed particularly at urban cyclists — performs in everyday life.

The UE-1 is available in four different color versions, but our favorite is definitely the tested model in black. It perfectly underlines the clean look of the helmet. The different material composition of the helmet proves to be a nice idea: the more sensitive areas on the top and the small visor are in a robust and matt finish, while the side area stands out a bit with a high-gloss surface.

A highlight of the helmet are the many well thought-out features: The Mitro UE-1 is equipped with the MIPS system, which protects against the effects of forces from different directions in the event of a fall. The helmet is equipped with a movable inner shell which absorbs the forces between head and helmet. When wearing the helmet, however, you will not notice any of this, which is also due to the comfortably padded pads on the inner shell.

However, the helmet’s easy handling is always noticeable: On the one hand, it comes with the BOA closure system, which allows the helmet to be easily tightened on the head with a knob on the back. The knob is easy to feel and is also easy to operate with gloves in the cold season. In addition, the holding strap at the chin is equipped with a fidlock magnetic lock: This engages largely automatically and only needs to be pushed apart to open — it could hardly be easier or more comfortable!

For the rather less sweaty use in the city, the ventilation of the helmet can be seen as a good compromise: There are only two narrow air inlets at the front, but there are four at the back. The upper side of the helmet, on the other hand, is completely closed, which benefits riders especially when it rains — keeping the head as dry as possible.

One of the most visually striking features of the Mitro UE-1 is certainly the flush integrated light strip, which serves as a tail light and thus provides a clear plus in visibility in road traffic. With a width of approximately 10 cm, this light is not only unusually wide compared to other helmets, but also really stands out thanks to its high luminosity. The light is switched on via a button on the bottom of the tail light; however, you should press this button before putting on the helmet, since it is rather difficult to operate “blindly” due to the narrow design and the fixed pressure point. On the right side of the button, a rubber flap protects the USB port underneath to charge the integrated battery.

All in all, the Mitro UE-1 from KED kept what the good design promised on the outside: The wearing comfort is high, the weight with 370g in the size L tested here is okay and the handling is very easy thanks to the practical locking systems.

The MIPS system ensures greater safety in the event of a fall, while the integrated tail light ensures safety at every meter ridden. The only improvement in this context would be a display of the battery status – unfortunately, one has no direct insight into the remaining runtime of the tail light.

Although the KED Mitro UE-1, with a price of around 150 euros, is one of the more expensive models, it is certainly worth its price thanks to the points mentioned above.




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