Cabinets, wall holders and bike racks

Flexible storage solutions for bikes from Riders Gonna Ride


Riders Gonna Ride’s background is more in mountain biking — but its stylish yet practical bike storage furniture is sure to appeal to urban cyclists, too.

For this purpose, a whole system of different storage boxes, wall brackets and stands has been developed, which is made of black CDF and beech wood. CDF stands for Compact Density Fibreboards, a solid-colored and highly compressed fiberboard that is particularly robust and moisture-resistant.

In addition to the actual bike mount — which is also available separately for wall mounting — the boxes additionally offer plenty of storage space for accessories such as helmets, clothing, bags or backpacks or other bike gear. Particular flexibility is offered by the models with the suffix “Steck”, where the storage compartments can be freely determined according to your own wishes within the framework of the plug-in grid.

The boxes start at around 900 euros or 1,050 euros for the “plug-in” models, besides there is the much cheaper plug-in board already for 350 euros and the wall mount itself costs 50 euros. All storage options can be seen directly on the website of Riders Gonna Ride.



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