Wooden Bike Hook: Minimalistic wooden bike wall mount


The Wooden Bike Hook bike mount is absolutely minimalist. No more than two wooden sticks are visible, on which the bike with the top tube is placed. The material used is wood from sustainable cultivation, which is turned by hand — there is a choice of different woods such as oak or American walnut. Some of the bars are also available in combination with a copper or brass front end, which gives the holder a more noble appearance.

wooden bike hook Minimal Fahrradhalter Holz
wooden bike hook Minimal Fahrradhalter Holz Walnuss

The hooks are 32 cm long and 3 cm in diameter and come with the fixing material. A prerequisite for using the Wooden Bike Hook is a stable wall made of concrete, brickwork or brick. In addition, the bike must not weigh more than 13 kg.

wooden bike hook Minimal Fahrradhalter Holz Teile

The Wooden Bike Hooks can be ordered through the Etsy-Shop of Fluo, the prices are between 65 and 80 Euros depending on the model. The shipping is from Germany, Fluo is located in Hamburg.



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