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Colorful kids bikes: this is the new Woom Limited Color Edition


Okay, even up to now the children’s bikes from Woom were anything but drab and colorless – the lightweight bikes stand out mainly because of their bright colors! But now they go one step further and bring the Limited Color Edition on the market, in which the frames are painted in two colors!

For children from 1.5 to 8 years: Atomic Neon & Cosmic Blurple

The Woom 1 to Woom 4 models (including the new Woom 3 with two-speed automatic transmission) are available in the two new color variants Atomic Neon & Cosmic Blurple. The former comes with a color transition from yellow to light green, the latter from purple to blue.

For older kids and teens: Red Eclipse & Purple Twilight

The two large models Woom 5 and Woom 6, however, are available in the colors Red Eclipse & Purple Twilight – with a color gradient from red to black or from purple to black. Attachments such as fork, stem and seatpost are kept in cool black on these bikes. In addition, both bikes are equipped with the Billy Bonkers tires from Schwalbe, which have a slightly finer and thus smooth-running profile. Of course, these also have a reflective strip.

The technical features of the Limited Color Edition remain unchanged. With flexibly adjustable stem and handlebars, the Woom bikes can be adapted very well to the ever-growing size of the kids, and the bikes also impress with their particularly light weight.

The surcharge for the two-tone Limited Color Edition bikes is a moderate 10 euros. Thus, the portfolio starts with the Woom 1 wheel for 239 euros, at the other end is the Woom 6 with 26″ large tires for 629 euros placed. All bikes can be purchased directly here on the website of Woom, the availability of the new models is — according to their name — limited!



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