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Precede:ON AL — Canyon’s high-end urban ebike becomes more affordable


Canyon caused a big splash with the presentation of its Precede:ON CF series: they presented a fully equipped urban e-bike that broke new ground in design with many integrated components. This was made possible in particular by the carbon material from which the frame of the bike is made. Our detailed review has already shown that the bike also cuts an excellent figure in everyday use. However, it should be noted that the Precede:ON CF is also quite expensive, with prices ranging from 3,999 to 4,999 euros.

Canyon Precede ON Test Review Design E Bike
For comparison: the Precede:ON CF with carbon frame from our test

This is exactly where Canyon comes in with the new Precede:ON AL. As the name suggests, this is also a Precede — only made of aluminium, with somewhat simpler components, and thus also significantly cheaper. Canyon should therefore be able to meet the needs of many interested parties who are looking for a more affordable but fully equipped e-bike that is suitable for everyday use!

While the design of the CF models looked downright futuristic with a fully integrated cockpit, the new AL models look more conventional. Despite all this, however, the design language of the Precede series remains: so here, too, there is the massive and somewhat angular-looking down tube, a similarly shaped fork and a slight bend in the top tube of the diamond frame. Although the stem and handlebars are not integrated into the frame, they still form a common unit — as we already know from the sporty, lightweight Canyon Commuter:ON (reviewed here). This means that cables and lines are routed directly into the frame at the handlebar, which protects them from external damage and ensures a tidy look.

It is also nice to see that the new models are just as versatile in terms of their transport options: in addition to regular panniers, canyon baskets can also be attached to the rear rack, while a front rack can also be installed.

Overview of the new bikes

Canyon offers the new Precede:ON models in three variants, which differ in particular in terms of drive:

  • The Precede:ON 7 is equipped with Bosch’s Performance Line mid-drive motor, which offers 65 Nm of torque. For gears, the Enviolo Trekking is used, a continuously variable hub gear. Both are connected via the clean Gates Carbon Drive belt.
  • The Precede:ON 6 is also equipped with Bosch’s Performance Line mid-drive motor, but comes with a Shimano XT derailleur — with 12 gears and a massive 10-51 rear chainring.
  • The Precede ON:5 is equipped with the Bosch Active Line Plus drive, which delivers 50 Nm of torque. A derailleur is also used here, this time the Shimano Deore with 11 gears and 11-51 chainring.

In contrast to the carbon top models, Bosch’s Performance Line CX drive is not installed here, but “only” the simple Performance Line or Active Line Plus. Both motors are technically similar and a good choice: although they do not offer as much torque as the top model, they are much quieter — and the power should still be more than sufficient in urban areas! The drive is controlled via Bosch’s now somewhat antiquated Purion display, which is, however, easy to operate.

However, one real advantage of the new, cheaper bikes is this: the larger frame sizes (L and XL for the diamond frame, L for the comfort frame) use the PowerTube battery with 625 Wh capacity. Only the smaller frame sizes continue to use the familiar, smaller 500 Wh battery.

The previously known frame colors Champagne and Anchor Grey are also available for the new models, as are the two frame versions: a diamond frame with a high top tube and a comfort frame with the ST suffix for Step Through.

The bikes start at 2,599 or 2,799 euros for the Precede:ON 5 with Deore gears and the Active Line Plus motor. 2,999 or 3,199 euros for the Precede:ON 6 with XT gears and Performance Line motor. For 3,499 euros or 3,699 euros you get the Precede:ON 7 with Performance Line motor, Enviolo gears and Gates belt drive. There are two different prices per model, depending on the frame size and the resulting larger or smaller battery: the lower prices apply to smaller frame sizes with a 500 Wh battery, the higher price to larger frame sizes with a 625 Wh battery.

Thanks to the new prices, entry into the Precede series is now much more accessible, but the trade-offs are sensibly chosen: the design is more conventional due to the aluminium frame (but perhaps even more robust in everyday use), the weight is 25 kg, about three kilos heavier. The motors should offer sufficient power with a high degree of smoothness, and the battery even has a higher capacity in some models. The robust equipment suitable for everyday use has been retained.

All bikes can be ordered immediately. Further information on the new models is also available on Canyon’s website.




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