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Attractive prices, attractive look: the new Kona e-bikes DEW HD, Coco HD and Rove HD


With the HD series, Kona now introduces new and electrified models of its existing urban and adventure bikes DEW, Coco and Rove. The concept of the bikes has been retained as far as possible: all three models are aimed more at recreational cyclists and do without reasonable equipment such as mudguards, luggage racks or a lighting system — but promise a lot of riding fun already from the photos! However, those who do not want to do without those parts can have them retrofitted.

Interesting about these new models is not only the attractive design, but also the attractive price of around 2,000 euros. In addition, a new drive system from SR Suntour with a rear R250 HP hub motor is used in all three models, which is still rather rare.

The new HD models: DEW, Coco and Rove

With the DEW HD and Coco HD, Kona serves the urban target group that appreciates a cool look paired with a comfortable seating position. The difference between the two models lies in the frame, which offers a slightly lower entry point on the Coco HD as a trapezoid comfort frame. The DEW HD, on the other hand, is formally oriented to the classic diamond frame with a high top tube. The handlebars are quite high on both models, which suggests a more upright riding position. The Rove HD is a bit sportier, with a drop bar handlebar typical for gravel and a shorter wheelbase for agile handling. The frames and forks of all three bikes are made of aluminum.

While the identical WTB tires of the type Horizon Comp with fat 47 mm width are installed on all bikes, differences are found in the circuit and brakes. DEW HD and Coco HD come with a derailleur from Shimano’s Altus series with 8 gears (11-32 cassette), the Rove HD uses Shimano’s Claris series with 8 gears (11-32 cassette). More noticeable is the difference in the brakes: DEW HD and Coco HD are equipped with a hydraulic braking system from Tektro, the Rove HD, however, only a mechanical model with cable is used — here one wanted to save probably in favor of a low price.

The electric drive system from SR Suntour

As mentioned at the beginning, Kona relies on a system from the Taiwanese manufacturer SR Suntour, which is mostly known from its suspension forks. You won’t find one of those on the three bikes, but the hub motor in the rear wheel attracts attention: Compared to other motors of this type, it isn’t exactly small and also weighs a good 3 kg, which certainly makes it one of the heavier representatives of its guild. However, according to the manufacturer, it also offers a torque of 60 Nm, which is again considerably high!

The same applies to the battery, which has a capacity of 418 Wh — which is definitely in the upper range compared to other bikes with hub motors. Another positive aspect is that the battery can be charged directly in the bike, but can also be removed.

The drive is controlled via a pleasantly compact and unobtrusive OLED display on the handlebar, which is nevertheless very easy to operate – after all, we were already able to get to know this component during the test of the Tenways CGO600.

Kona Coco HD Urban E Bike 2023 Mood
Kona Coco HD

Not least due to the low selling price of 1,999 euros, the new e-bikes DEW HD (available in 4 sizes) and Coco HD (available in 3 sizes) are certainly a pretty attractive offer for fun-oriented leisure cyclists, as is the Rove HD (available in 6 sizes), which is only 100 euros more expensive at 2,099 euros. How the new drive from SR Suntour beats in everyday life, however, must first be shown in practice.

All further information on the new e-bikes can be found directly on Kona’s website.




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