Versatile and stylish: the Urban Bike novelties from Moustache Bikes


Today Moustache Bikes from France introduced the new and electric models for the upcoming 2021 season. A complete revision of the Lundi 27 was presented as well as the well-known Urban Bike series with minor updates.

The low-step series Lundi 27

The e-bikes in the Lundi series have been completely redesigned, but still retain the iconic look of their predecessor with square handlebars, integrated headlights and a deep entry frame design.

The differences can be seen at second glance: The new model rolls along on 27.5″ wheels, the battery is now integrated in the frame and the Bosch Active Line Plus or Performance Line (Gen 3) is now used as the motor. Depending on the model, this is combined with a Shimano Deore chain transmission with 10 gears or the continuously variable hub transmission from Enviolo (TR model with classic bicycle chain, i.e. without belt drive).

2.4″ wide tires and a sprung seat post ensure high riding comfort. The Lundi 27 is available in five colors (black, yellow, red, dark blue and white), the prices range between 2,799 Euro and 3,699 Euro depending on the equipment.

Urban through and through: the Friday 28 series

We have already presented the current models of the Friday 28 series in detail. And it will stay that way, because the three models Friday 28.3, 28.5 and 28.7 will enter the coming season unchanged. The bikes continue to impress with their elegant frame design despite the only partially integrated battery, practical features such as a folding stem and the Flexbar handlebars from Baramind. The carbon fork with vertical flex and the relatively wide 42 mm tires from Continental provide additional comfort. The Bosch Active Line Plus or Performance Line (Gen 3) motors are also used here.

The most affordable entry model Friday 28.1 has been removed from the lineup (however, the Dimanche 28.1, which is still available, can be used as an alternative; more on this later in the article). Thus now the prices begin with 3.399 euro up to 4.399 euro. The models 28.3, 28.5 are still available with diamond and trapezoid frame, the 28.7 as before only with diamond frame and racing handlebars.

New S-Pedelec: the Friday 27 FS Speed

Moustache Friday FS Speed S Pedelec 2021
Full suspension S-Pedelec: Moustache Friday FS Speed

The new Friday 27 FS Speed is a high-end model. FS stands for Full Suspension, since the Speed-Bike is equipped with a suspension fork and rear suspension. As motor the 45 km/h fast Bosch Performance Line Speed with Kiox display is used, in addition the large accumulator with 625 Wh is installed. The lighting is from Supernova, the (fat) tires are from Schwalbe, type Super Moto X in the size 27.5 x 2.40″. Typical for S-Pedelecs is also the quite high price, which is 5.799 Euro for the Friday 27 FS Speed.

Versatile road bikes: the Dimanche 28 series

Right from the start, the Dimanche 28 series bikes were also interesting in an urban context, as the Dimanche 28.1 offers an option with flatbar handlebars and even a trapezoidal frame. Also with the Dimanche models it remains to a large extent with the models we already know. This means that the battery is also partially integrated here, with the Bosch Active Line Plus motor used as the motor. The racing handlebars on the 28.3, 28.5 and 28.7 models are typical of racing bikes, with derailleur gears with two chainrings at the front. Prices range from 3,199 to 5,299 euros.

Gravel Expert: Dimanche 29

Moustache Dimanche 29 Gravel 2021
Moustache Dimanche 29.3 Gravel

The Dimanche 29 bikes are an offshoot of the 28 series, but they go in the Gravel direction. The differences are, besides a particularly wide racing handlebar and the 1×10 or 1×11 speed Shimano GRX derailleur gears, especially in the non-slip tires, here even models up to 50 mm wide are possible. As with the Dimanche bikes, mudguards and racks can be mounted, which makes the bikes interesting for commuter use as well. The motor used in the Gravel models is the Performance Line model from Bosch, which offers slightly more torque than the Active Line Plus. Prices are 3,799 Euro for the 29.3 Gravel and 4,499 Euro for the 29.5 Gravel.

All information about the new line-up can be found on the Moustache website.




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