VanMoof Electrified: Virtual shopping experience thanks to Augmented Reality


Since VanMoof sells 80% of its bikes online, it is introducing Augmented Reality (AR) to bring its high-tech e-bikes very close to its customers—and to reduce returns. Today, VanMoof brings the future of retail technology to the world of bicycles. The Dutch e-bike innovators have introduced the bicycle industry’s first augmented reality shopping experience. The new AR tool is integrated into the VanMoof website and allows users to place an “Electrified” type virtual e-bike directly in front of them and explore high-tech features without having to visit a VanMoof brand shop or wait for delivery to their home. Thanks to state-of-the-art augmented reality technology, users can walk around the bike and explore the many high-tech features.

VanMoof AR 2
Virtual inspection directly on site thanks to AR

The direct-to-consumer mobility brand has made it a priority to lower the barrier to online shopping for cyclists. In addition, VanMoof expects the AR-Tool to help reduce returns and shipping costs in a fun and uncomplicated way.

Currently the AR function is available on iOS devices with appropriate hardware, an AR icon indicates the function on the mobile website of VanMoof.



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