Urban mobility in the spotlight: The Cannondale Urban Bike Event in The Hague


Cannondale had invited to the Hague last week for the presentation and test ride of the new Urban E-Bike Line-up, among others with the models Treadwell NEO and Canvas NEO as well as the Tesoro NEO X already briefly presented here.

The choice of the site in The Hague turned out to be a direct hit. Perhaps not as well-known as the classic bicycle cities Amsterdam or Copenhagen, but just as impressive in terms of the bicycle infrastructure there – especially compared to the conditions in Germany. Bicycle paths are therefore almost everywhere around The Hague and are surprisingly wide. This not only in the city centre, but also extends from the industrial district to the large area of the dune park at the North Sea. Start and finish of the tour was the bicycle cafe Lola, a perfect spot for caffeine and bicycle enthusiasts alike.

What such bicycle-friendly cities already demonstrate in terms of infrastructure is likely to be a role model for many other cities around the world and will be implemented in a similar way in the near future. Because as an environmentally friendly, healthy and often also faster alternative to the car, the bicycle – especially the e-bike – is absolutely perfect. It’s not surprising, that Cannondale shares this view: With new models and innovations Urban Bikes will be pushed forward as an essential part of urban mobility.

Cannondale Urban Bike Event 2020 Garmin Sensor App
Cannondales tracking sensor that stores data and sends it to the app

One of these innovations, for example, is the connectivity of the bikes to Cannondale’s smartphone app. The connection is made via a sensor on Garmin’s front wheel, which stores information about the distance taken, speed or calorie consumption. But that’s not all: you can also define goals that encourage you to use your bike more often and then share it with friends. There is also an overview of how much distance has been driven and what fuel and CO₂ savings this corresponds to. Practical hints for the maintenance of the bike ( when is the next inspection recommended?) and helpful tutorials for the maintenance of the bike make the app complete. By the way, the app does not have to be actively started every time you ride, as the sensor stores all data for up to 30 days even without a connection to the smartphone.

But no matter how interesting the app features may be: First and foremost you decide on the most suitable bike. And this is where Cannondale, with its new Urban E-Bikes for 2020, is very well positioned.

  • The non-conventional Treadwell NEO EQ with its casual seating position, practical features and low weight appeals to a young and trendy audience. The electric drive of Mahle ebikemotion is hardly noticeable thanks to its compact design.
  • The Canvas NEO is both sovereign and sporty, equipped with fat tires and powerful Bosch drive for commuters who want to ride reliably and quickly.
  • The Tesoro NEO X with suspension fork and suspension seat post is similar in character, but more comfortable.
  • To complete the list, the Quick NEO EQ is also worth mentioning, which rounds off Cannondale’s Urban Bike range.

Thanks to the complete equipment with lighting, mudguards and carriers, all bikes are prepared for almost every need and therefore fully suitable for everyday use. For more comfort, all bikes are also available as a Remixte version featuring a frame and lowered top tube.

How the bikes have done on test ride, the tests of the Cannondale Canvas NEO 1 and Treadwell NEO EQ will show here shortly. If you are looking for more information about the bikes until then, you can find it on the Cannondale website.

Note: Cannondale provided travel and accommodation for the event.



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