New Longtail and Long John Bikes

A Cannondale cargo bike? Even two of them: Cargowagen and Wonderwagen are the names of the new big haul bikes!


The fact that cargo bikes are a hot topic should have gotten around by now. And so it is hardly surprising that more and more manufacturers are adopting this practical bike genre, as also shown by the new Cannondale cargo bike. Where we must speak here in the plural, because Cannondale starts with two model series: the longtail bike Cannondale Cargowagen Neo and the long john bike Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo. 

Cannondale cargo bike, take one: Longtail Cargowagen Neo

With its Cargowagen Neo Cannondale launches a typical longtail cargo bike, which is not only maneuverable but also particularly compact thanks to the small 20″ wheels. The bike offers a long loading area for children or luggage and can be equipped with an optionally available railing. This gives protection and holding possibility for children riding along or takes up a box in the format of 60×40 cm. A rack can also be attached at the front, and there are other accessories such as seat cushions or large bags for side attachment.

Cannondal Lastenrad Cargobike Cargowagen Design
Cannondale Cargowagen Neo

In the design of the bike, Cannondale also focuses on a particularly practical and simple use of the bike: The frame is designed as a StepThru model with a low step-through, the unusually high handlebars ensure an upright seating position and give the bike some BMX flair. Cannondale also sets an accent with the red-painted luggage rack and the red handlebar grips and shows that the cargo bike theme can be given a fun twist. Unusual is the huge headlight at the front, which you would rather assign to a moped than an e-bike! Practical, however, is the small transport compartment above the motor integrated into the frame, where, for example, water bottles can be placed.

And while we’re on the subject of the motor: it comes from Bosch, the proven Bosch Cargo Line motor with 85 Nm of torque is used. The LED Remote is installed on the handlebars to operate the drive, and the Kiox 300 is used as the display – all from the current Bosch Smart System series. The two variants of the Cargowagen differ mainly in battery and shifting:

  • The Cannondale Cargowagen Neo 1 comes with 725 Wh large battery and the continuously variable Enviolo Heavy Duty hub gears
  • The Cannondale Cargowagen Neo 2 comes with 545 Wh large battery and Shimano Deore LinkGlide 10 speed derailleur

Cannondale cargo bike, take two: Long-John Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo

Bigger, more unusual and even more impressive: this is Cannondale’s new Long John bike, the Wonderwagen Neo. With the large transport compartment, the target group is undoubtedly those who want to transport kids — even if other cargo can of course also be moved in it. In any case, the kids will be happy about the two seats with adjustable 5-point harness system, headrest and the raised side walls. In addition, another person can also be transported on the rear carrier!

Cannondal Lastenrad Cargobike Wonderwagen Design
Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo

The design of the bike is even more extreme, which is due on the one hand to the huge transport compartment in speckled gray. In addition, there are even more accents in red color here with the saddle and the headlight fairing. And yes, there is also the huge headlight here — and in fact in a double version!

The Wonderwagen is also equipped with Bosch’s Cargo Line motor, but the LED Remote and Smartphone Grip are used for control. There are also two variants here, which also differ in battery and shifting:

  • The Cannondale Woderwagen Neo 1 comes with 725 Wh large battery and the continuously variable Enviolo Heavy Duty hub gears
  • The Cannondale Woderwagen Neo 2 comes with 545 Wh large battery and Shimano Deore LinkGlide 10-speed derailleur

All new cargo bike models are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and come with the Suntour Mobie 34 Cargo suspension fork with 80 mm travel. In addition, a lowerable dropper seatpost is used in each case, which provides suspension at the saddle.

Cannondal Lastenrad Cargobike Wonderwagen Front
Large headlights on the front of the wonder car


Cannondale has taken a long time for the first launch in the cargo bike sector — but is now presenting two interesting models that set their own accents! Price-wise, the range starts at 4,699 euros for the Cargowagen 2, for the Cargowagen 1 are 5,499 euros due. In line with the large dimensions, the price of the Wonderwagen is also set higher: it starts at 6,499 euros for the Wonderwagen 2 and a whopping 7,499 euros for the Wonderwagen 1.




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