10 years of Coboc

Three limited special anniversary models: Happy Birthday, Coboc!


Coboc is ten years old today, May 27 — and they are celebrating! What started in a Heidelberg backyard in 2011 has now grown into a respectable company in the bicycle industry. Coboc, a pioneer in slim e-bikes, is not only marking the start of the anniversary season with a special edition in a silver finish, but is also setting the tone into the fall under the slogan “Momentum”.

10 Jahre Coboc LTD Edition Momentum
The three X special models at a glance

It is now ten years since Coboc, then still a very young company, caused a sensation with its first e-bike. Weighing just over 13 kilograms, with a fully integrated and self-developed e-drive, no one at the time could see the power inside the slim street runabout called eCycle. After all, there had never been anything like it before. Since then, Coboc has stood for e-bikes that don’t look like e-bikes: Minimalist in design, racy in acceleration, restrained in weight. Initially made for the city and the asphalt, and more recently also for off-road adventures.

Limited Editions for the Anniversary

Almost traditional at Coboc for the birthday is a special edition, which this year under the name “X Edition” turns out triple. The Heidelberg-based company has tuned its Brixton TPZ (trapeze), Brooklyn Fat and Merano models, which will be available from May 27 in a sophisticated polished aluminum look and with fine accessories.

As an urban utility bike, i.e. a practical all-rounder for everyday trips, Coboc has given the “Brixton TPZ X” elegant MDF transport boxes made by Heidelberg carpenters. The Silver Arrow “Brooklyn Fat X”, on the other hand, is agile, lively and purist, and the fully and comfortably equipped “Merano X” cuts a fine figure on ambitious tours in the forest and on asphalt. So there are three different types and uses, of which there will be a select ten numbered units each.

But that’s not all, because the “X Edition” is just one part of the anniversary season, which will run for several months under the motto “Momentum. For example, the jubilarian is cooperating with Heidelberg-based manufacturers and artists, including the well-known designer Götz Gramlich, who has graphically staged the “Momentum” for posters, shirts and the like for the tenth anniversary. Speaking of graphics: Coboc has also given itself a new look and is now sporting a facelift in its corporate design.

With a retrospective full of stories, Coboc will be providing exciting entertainment on its blog and social channels for ten weeks from the beginning of June: Ten impressions show milestones and people of the first Coboc decade. Heidelberg’s mayor Eckart Würzner, actor Jürgen Vogel, and the first employee at Coboc will have their say. But memories, such as of the earliest, more or less professional trade show appearance, also play a cheerful role in “10 Years – 10 Stories”. In mid-September, the anniversary season will end as excitingly as it began. That’s when the Heidelberg-based e-bike specialist will be looking ahead to the next decade.

More info about the anniversary and the limited special models can be found here on Coboc’s dedicated website.



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