The FLX Babymaker E-Bike: What makes this bike a 5 million Euro crowdfunding hit?


Still twelve days left at Indiegogo to support the crowdfunding project for the so-called Babymaker-Bike — and currently the turnover generated by pre-orders is almost 5 million Euros! What is behind an e-bike whose name refers to the fact that it is supposed to be the “sexiest and sleekest e-bike there is”? In short: not much new!

Behind the Babymaker is FLX, a brand from San Diego that offers various e-bikes. The new model is barely recognizable as an e-bike, looks quite good without a doubt, and relies on well-known ingredients: The battery is integrated into the frame and has a capacity of 250 Wh, the motor is a hub motor in the rear wheel. The single speed drive is simple and puristic and also contributes to the rather light weight of 14.5 kg.

Currently the bike can be ordered in two versions: As Babymaker Standard with mechanical rim brakes and a conventional bicycle chain and as Babymaker Pro with the Gates Carbon Drive and hydraulic disc brakes from Magura. In addition, all bikes feature an elegant and small display, as already known from the new bikes from Analog Motion. As with almost all crowdfunding campaigns, the price is one of the most striking features: the standard model costs 962 Euros, the pro model still a reasonable 1,226 Euros. Buyers can also choose from six frame colours and two frame sizes, and there are also either bullhorn handlebars or racing bike handlebars.

But – again typical for many crowdfunding campaigns – some questions remain unanswered: It is said that a 350W motor with 500W peak power is used, but only motors with 250W continuous power meet the European pedelec guidelines. Does this mean that the bike is legal to use in Europe? How is the motor support regulated? By torque sensor or only electronically via power levels? And even the only FAQ note about the product hardly helps: “Why is the Babymaker so cool? It was born that way.” At least the production of the bikes shouldn’t be a problem in view of the rather simple technology — the similarly hyped but much more sophisticated Calamus One seems to be still not available.

People from Europe have to add 249 USD for shipping to the above mentioned prices, taxes and customs may be added. This actually makes the advantage of the relatively low price obsolete. Apart from that, this bike does not really offer anything new, which readers of this page have already seen in multiple variations from other, more established manufacturers. Therefore one must ask oneself why this bike generates such hype?

Update (8 June 2020): The campaign has been extended, but is now really over – and pre-orders amounting to over 10 million euros have been received!




5 thoughts on “The FLX Babymaker E-Bike: What makes this bike a 5 million Euro crowdfunding hit?”

  1. The real BabyMaker™

    A shill review by suggests it has a 12 magnet cadence sensor… but (awful name aside) the actual technical details do all seem a bit thin on the ground. Style over substance winning over the masses. Good luck to them – I’d take a punt myself if it wasn’t for all the extra delivery / import duties, etc rampint the price up towards 2 large.

  2. Tesla cars offer rewards for directing people to buy their cars. One guy has already won two of their roadsters (not yet released) for directing $12M in sales their way. If I steer a LOT of people your way who buy, can rewards be earned? My brother-in-law visited and I told him about the Babymaker and he immediately ordered one. When I finally get mine, I’m gonna blow past all those young guys on their $15K bikes and then slow down so they can catch up and I’ll tell EVERYONE about the Babymaker and tell them to buy using my Reference Number. Just a thought guys.

  3. base model comes with chain, if you want the belt drive, it’s 300 more…….motor is a cheap type. shipping is 100 inside Us and 250 abroad. you need to add vat and custom fees… for a simple bike you will spend about 2000 euros…..

  4. Wow… At least these guys are consistent… They must think that poor customer service, no transparency and and bad reviews create a mystical bad boy image that will help them sell products… But I think the explanation is actually much more simple…. They are only interested in buying bikes from China and selling yhem at the biggest markup!! Costumer service is irrelevant to them. Their current bike earned them $14 million dollars. So if you don’t mind helping them make some money and don’t mind that you are getting a product that will not last and could be potentially dangerous, this is the bike for you! FACT.. they are having trouble with frame welding failures. Do you want to be on a bike going 25 mph and have the frame break??? I don’t

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