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Swapfiets Power 1: Entry-level e-bike on a cheap subscription basis


Swapfiets — provider of subscription bikes — has been active in Germany for some time. Right from the start, they offered city bikes, which are quite affordable with prices starting at 17 euros per month. Especially since the bikes can be rented without a minimum term, are delivered to customers free of charge and are repaired free of charge within 24 hours. Insurance for possible theft is included, as is a bicycle lock.

With the Power 7 model, the first e-bike was introduced into the fleet, which is quite impressive: the motor comes from Shimano, as does the battery with 500 Wh, which is well integrated into the frame. The seven in the model name stands for the hub gears in the rear wheel with the same number of gears. It’s a high-quality bike, but at a monthly cost of 75 euros, it’s also much more expensive than other Swapfiets prices.

The new Power 1 is supposed to close this gap: at 49.90 euros per month, it is significantly cheaper than the top model, although the price is marked as an introductory offer. The later, regular price is supposed to be 10 euros higher. Of course, you have to make concessions in terms of the bike’s equipment: a Shimano Steps mid-motor is still used, but the battery has a lower capacity of 418 Wh and is attached to the frame instead of being integrated. According to the Swapfiets nomenclature, the bike also only comes with one gear instead of the comfortable gear shift. The weight of the Power 1 is quite high at 26 kg – with a bike like this, the focus is on low-maintenance, stable and inexpensive components rather than expensive lightweight construction.

The Power 1 – with the iconic blue Swapfiets front tyre, of course – is available now in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Mechelen and Copenhagen. By mid-November 2021, the Power 1 will be available in all cities across Europe where the Swapfiets service is available.



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