better, but also more expensive

Sushi Bikes serve up their third generation of models with the California Roll 3.0 and Maki 3.0


When Sushi Bikes came onto the market in 2019, the spectacular price of just under 1,000 euros in particular caused a stir. The last update to the Plus models in the fall of 2021 showed that this price could not be maintained in the long term, as the sales price increased to 1,199 euros. Now the next upgrade is coming and you can already guess: the prices will increase further and the new models now cost 1,399 Euros. Despite the increase in price, this is of course still an attractive price for an e-bike, even if you still have to accept some limitations with the Sushi Bike. 

For example, nothing has really changed in the bike’s e-drive: A hub motor with 200 watts of power is still installed in the rear wheel, which is rather weak and remains below the legally permitted 250 watts of continuous power. You will also continue to look in vain for a torque sensor here. The same applies to the battery: the removable model in the form of a water bottle still offers a capacity of 230 Wh, which is also in the lower range. The mechanical drive is still a singlespeed with a classic bicycle chain.

But the new 3.0 model generation also brings some improvements that are quite welcome: so the new brakes now decelerate via a hydraulic system, previously there was still a variant with cable installed. In addition, the new models have a permanently installed lighting system, which is supplied with power from the bike battery. The headlight is installed centrally on the handlebar and should offer a luminous intensity of 100 lux, the compact rear light from Litemove combines reflector and LEDs in one housing and is placed on the seatpost. For easy operation, the light can then be switched on and off directly via the handlebar display.

Other updates include new tires (still 37 mm wide), which are now equipped with puncture protection. In addition, the handlebar grips are now ergonomically shaped and the permissible total weight increases by 10 kg to 120 kg. The complete weight of the bike itself, including pedals, is 17 kg. Finally, there has also been a change in the manufacture of the bikes: the new models are now assembled in Portugal, which is said to have significantly shortened the transport distances.

Sushi Bikes California Roll 3 Urban E Bike 2023
Sushi California Roll 3.0 in Berry

As usual, the Sushi Maki is the variant with a diamond frame (in three sizes), while the Sushi California Roll comes with a trapezoidal comfort frame (in one size). Both models are available in light Stone and dark Black, the California Roll also in Berry. As mentioned at the beginning, the recommended retail price is 1,399 euros. However, those who pre-order the new bikes now will receive a discount of 50 euros and also a voucher of the same value for accessories from the Sushi range. Delivery of the new bikes is then scheduled for the end of May 2023.




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