Sushi Maki+ and California Roll+

Sushi Bikes: The cheap e-bike is getting better — at a slightly higher price


When Sushi Bikes was launched with prominent support and a lot of media hype, one thing counted above all: they managed to offer an e-bike for less than 1,000 euros. It is clear that at such a price, some sacrifices have to be made: the motor is rather weak at 200 watts, the battery is very small with a capacity of 125 Wh, and above all the control element on the handlebars seems rather old-fashioned and out of date.

The concept of the cheap but stylish e-bike Maki became a success and in the meantime Sushi has established itself on the market. For some time now, there has also been another variant with a comfort frame (the California Roll) on offer.

But now they are going one step further and launching the Maki+ and the California Roll+. The plus in the name already reveals that these bikes have more to offer – even if this is reflected in the price.

The new and improved Plus model costs 1,199 euros, but the surcharge is moderate. Even more so when you consider the innovations: the battery now offers a significantly higher capacity of 230 Wh and thus comes into a range that is comparable with other slim and light urban bikes.

More visually striking, however, is the brand-new control element on the handlebars: instead of the rudimentary membrane button from the predecessor, a compact display now beams at you, showing the speed level, battery status and speed. Of course, it can also be used to select the motor assistance from five speed levels (though you can hardly expect motor control via torque sensor at this price).

More comfort is now provided by the slightly wider 37 mm tyres and a more upright riding position thanks to riser handlebars and a shorter stem. Visually more fitting brake levers (of the still mechanical disc brakes) and a new ring bell round off the upgrade.

With a weight of 16 kg, the singlespeed bike is still one of the lighter e-bikes and practical features such as the option to use the battery as a power bank are still available. A StVZO-compliant light for plugging in is also included in the scope of delivery.

Sushi Bikes will start taking pre-orders on 1 September (i.e. today), with delivery scheduled for November of this year. More information about the bikes can be found directly on the Sushi website.




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