Sporty allrounders: Three Commuter ebikes with racing handlebars in comparison


They are niche models that could hardly be more versatile: With the Coboc ONE Torino (here our test review), the Cannondale Synapse Neo EQ and the Moustache Friday 28.7, there are three models that fill the small but fine niche of sporty e-bikes with racing handlebars including useful commuter equipment. The target group for these bikes are primarily commuters who appreciate sporty racing bikes, and who appreciate not only a permanently installed lighting system but also equipment suitable for everyday use with mudguards and carrier. By the way, the racing handlebars offer maximum flexibility not only for fast riding – even on longer tours you learn to appreciate the various grip options of such a model.

All three models featured in our comparison are equipped with derailleur gears. Cannondale and Moustache are equipped with ten gears from Shimano’s Tiagra series, while Coboc uses the Apex 1 from SRAM with eleven gears. Disc brakes are standard in each model, and there is also a consensus on the headlights: Supernova is always installed here. Cannondale (Schwalbe G-One Speed with 35 mm wide tyres) and Moustache (Continental Contact Speed with 42 mm wide tyres) are equipped with classic 28″ tyres, while Coboc uses the newer 27.5″ format with 50 mm wide tyres (Schwalbe G-One Speed) and is already making its mark in the currently booming Gravel segment.

The biggest differences are to be found in the area of the drive system: Both Cannondale and Moustache rely on the strong, but also somewhat heavy Bosch drive – but even there are differences. While Cannondale uses the Bosch Active Line Plus with 50 Nm torque, Moustache relies on the stronger Performance Line motor with 65 Nm torque. In each case, a removable battery with 500 Wh capacity is used – as a classic Bosch PowerPack for Moustache, as an integrated Bosch PowerTube for Cannondale. Coboc, on the other hand, has always taken a completely different approach: here, as usual for the Heidelberg-based company, a hub motor with 40 Nm torque is installed in the rear wheel. The battery is fixed in the frame and offers a slightly lower capacity of 352 Wh. However, the advantage of the Coboc system is reflected in the weight: measured in real terms, this is 15.9 kg including the complete Commuter equipment. For comparison: Moustache states 20.2 kg for the Friday 28.7 and Cannondale states around 19 kg.

The Cannondale is operated using the simple but practical Bosch Purion display. Moustache uses the new SmartphoneHub, while Coboc, as usual, does not have a display at all – but also allows optional smartphone use with the appropriate app.

Cannondale Synapse Neo EQMoustache Friday 28.7Coboc TEN Torino
Drive systemBosch Active Line Plus
Mid motor, 50 Nm
Bosch Performance Line
Mid motor, 65 Nm
Hub motor, 40 Nm
Optionale App
BatteryBosch PowerPack, 500 WhBosch PowerTube, 500 Wh352 Wh integrated
GearshiftShimno Tiagra, 10-GearsShimno Tiagra, 10-GearsSram Apex 1, 11-Gears
Spanninga Taillight
Supernova Taillight
Coboc Rear light in frame
TyresSchwalbe G-One Speed
28″, 35 mm width
Continental Contact Speed
28″, 42 mm width
Schwalbe G-One Speed
27,5″, 50 mm width
ColorMantisLight greySilent Green metallic
Price3,999 Euros4,399 Euros4,799 Euros

All three models are available in four frame sizes from S to XL, with prices ranging from 3,999 euros for the Cannondale Synapse Neo EQ, 4,399 euros for the Moustache Friday 28.7 and 4,799 euros for the Coboc ONE Torino. All further information on the bikes can be found on the Cannondale, Coboc and Moustache websites.




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