Orbea’s new generation of Gain e-bikes is here and it’s improved all around!


First of all, it’s still uncertain whether Orbea will bring the urban bikes of the Gain series back to the starting line in 2021 — we’ve already reported on the subject in this article. But since up to now, the racing bikes with aluminum frames have shared this with the Urban models, the chances are now perhaps quite good. Because as of today it is certain that the road and Gravel models for 2021 will receive a new edition with interesting updates!

Furthermore, the road and gravel bike line-up consists of models from the M-Series with carbon frames and the D-Series with aluminum frames. The well-known Mahle Ebikemotion System, which was recently updated as well, is used as drive. The lightweight rear wheel motor follows the “Enough Energy” concept, which provides sufficient power while remaining compact and light.

But Orbea has made an interesting announcement that was previously unknown about the X35+ motor: the motor has been equipped with a new simulation for torque measurement. The result should be a much more natural response of the assistance. The engine settings have also been adjusted to bring the support feeling much closer to the usual cycling feeling. If this works in practice as described, it would be a big step forward — because measuring torque is still considered the most natural way of controlling the engine.

The battery in the down tube of the bikes still offers a capacity of 248 Wh, and the option of using the Range Extender with an additional 208 Wh remains. The drive system is controlled via the iWoc One button on the top tube, which has now been given a new housing. In addition, a new display — centrally mounted on the handlebars — is available on the racing bikes, which can also be used to switch through the support levels.

A further highlight are the now completely internal routed cables: Even components like the speed sensor or the motor cables now disappear inside the frame for a clean and elegant look. By the way, we still made sure that maintenance is easy — the speed sensor is now located in the right chainstay and the motor cables in the left chainstay.

Unusual for the racing bike segment is the lighting system that is now integrated as standard: thanks to lighting at the front and rear, the bike attracts attention by day and night, thus providing additional safety. The front light is housed in the display holder, offers 60 lumens of luminous flux and is called a position light by Orbea itself – so you can’t expect to find a full-grown headlight here.

All road bike models therefore roll on 30 mm wide tires, the Gravel offshoots with the designation 1X in the name are equipped with 40 mm wide Schwalbe G-ONE bite-tires.

Orbea Gain D 2021 Gravel Aluminium
Orbea Gain from the D Series with aluminium frame and Gravel components
Orbea Gain M 2021 Carbon Flatbar
Orbea Gain from the M Series with carbon frame and flatbar

The carbon models are priced between 3,999 euros (M30) and 8,999 euros (M10i), the less expensive models with aluminium frames cost between 2,499 euros (D50) and 3,699 euros (D20).

Interesting detail: with the M20F and M30F there are also carbon models with the suffix F, which refers to the flatbar handlebar and is offered as an alternative to the models with racing handlebars. So if you’re looking for a light and very sporty urban bike with straight handlebars, you might find the right bike here.

For more information on the new models, visit the Orbea website.




4 thoughts on “Orbea’s new generation of Gain e-bikes is here and it’s improved all around!”

  1. can the internal battery be removed to lighten the bike if i want to ride it like a regular bike? tell me more about this center mounted display for changing the assist levels.

  2. To your first question: No, the battery can only be removed if it is defective; but if you have the possibility to remove the battery, it is better to choose a bike with Fazua drive — there you can remove the battery and motor from the bike together! For the display: in this english article some photos got lost, this is fixed now. Now you see the new display!

  3. Two Questions. Orbea Gain D30. Can you add spacers to adjust height of the stem? Can you confirm the Gain now has smooth polished welds on its alloy frames. Thankyou.

  4. Due to the new stem with integrated cable routing you can’t install regular spacers, I think. But maybe there are special spacers, the whole system comes from Acros as far as I know? And as you can see on the picture of the Gravel model of the D series, the welds are rather semi-polished 😉

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