With touch screen display and turn signals

Now available: The lightweight smart bike from Angell


Founded in France in 2018, Angell stems from a desire to rethink everyday cycling to preserve our cities for the future. After the bike has already been launched in its home country since the end of 2019, it is now also available here in Germany. The bike is marketed directly via the Angell website.

The design comes from the French designer Ora Ïto and causes a stir, especially in the rear area of the bike: What initially looks like a rack is actually the removable battery with a capacity of 144 Wh — which is quite small compared to other bikes. Although Angell mentions a range of 90 km on its website in this context, this estimate is probably quite optimistic and will be lower in reality.

However, the advantage of a small battery is a lower weight, which is where the Angell Bike scores: At 15.9 kg, it is lighter than comparable smartbikes from Cowboy or VanMoof, which are also equipped with larger batteries. The tires are also somewhat lighter, since they are quite narrow at 35 mm.

The Angell bike is designed as a singlespeed — i.e. without gears — and comes with a compact hub motor in the rear wheel. Power is transmitted from the crank to the motor via a classic bicycle chain, so there is no modern belt drive. The drive system is controlled via a speed sensor with four different speed levels, a torque sensor for a more natural riding feel is not installed.

Angell Bike Smart Bike Silver
Angell bike with diamond frame

However, the smart functions are supposed to be the bike’s showpiece, and the handlebars already indicate this: an integrated unit consisting of stem and handlebars, which houses a colorful, 2.4″ touchscreen display in the center. Not only does it display riding data, but it can also be used to navigate and even control Spotify via a bluetooth connected smartphone. There are also two buttons on the left and right handlebars that can be assigned via software. Among other things, they have functions for an electronic bell or for controlling the turn signals. That’s right, the Angell Bike has integrated turn signals in the handlebar ends! The lighting system is completed by the rear light with brake light function, which is integrated into the battery, and a front “hyperbolic headlight” — which is more likely to be a position light than a full-blown headlight.

No smart bike is complete without assistance functions: a GPS module and a SIM card are installed in the Angell Bike, which allows the bike to be located at any time via an app. If you move away from the bike, it is locked by software and an alarm system is activated. If the bike is then moved, it emits a visual and acoustic alarm. In addition, the system also supports crash detection and sends a message to stored contacts in the event of a suspected accident. Finally, thanks to the integrated connectivity, software updates can also be installed over the air.

Angell S Smart Bike Silver Comfort Frame
From summer 2021: Angell /S with comfort frame

With a diamond frame, the Angell bike is available in silver and black and can be ordered for 2,860 Euros. This puts it above the Cowboy and VanMoof models in terms of price, although it is not necessarily better in terms of the drive. The smart functions are also available in a similar way from the competitors, but each is outsourced to the corresponding smartphone app. The integrated touchscreen display and the turn signals in the handlebars, however, are Angell’s unique selling points. Another new product is the Angell /S, which has a lowered top tube and a more comfortable frame shape. This will be available in silver, black and green and can currently only be pre-ordered – delivery is scheduled for summer 2021.

Further information about the Bike can be found directly on Angell’s website.




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