Now also available with Pinion’s gearbox: The unique Geos E-Bike


We have already reported about the Geos Bike here, back then this extraordinary bike was launched with a puristic single speed drive. In the meantime, the option for a derailleur system was added and now the top model with the innovative bottom bracket gearbox from Pinion follows.

Geos Pinion 2020 Design Urban E Bike 2
Clean design: E-drive and gearbox are almost invisible

This is combined — as with all Geos models — with a compact hub motor in the rear wheel, which offers the typical pedelec 250 watts continuous power. Also standard on Geos is the control of the electric drive via a torque sensor: this measures the actual pedalling force and then adjusts the strength of the electric assistance. To illustrate it more simply: if the bike rolls on a flat surface and you pedal only slightly, little electrical power is provided. However, if you pedal at full power on a gradient, the motor provides maximum assistance.

Here, a new type of motor is now used, which is equipped with an integrated torque sensor — on other e-bikes the torque is usually measured in the bottom bracket. The new technology enables a precise measurement, completely independent of the tension of the belt drive installed on the bike. This belt drive comes from Gates and, in combination with the motor and gearbox, enables almost whisper-quiet riding.

Apart from the drivetrain, the similarities to the other Geos bikes are evident: the frame is still made of steel, has a hard and corrosion-resistant nickel coating and in the case of the Pinion model is even manufactured in Germany. Inside, two battery packs are installed in the top and down tubes, which together offer a capacity of 372 Wh. The system is controlled by a single button on the handlebars. There is no need for a display, but those who want more information can use the corresponding smartphone app.

The tyres used are 50 mm wide Contact Speed models from Continental, which are intended to ensure comparatively high driving comfort. In the configurator, the bike can be customized according to your own wishes and extended, for example, with matching mudguards or a rear rack (a separate front rack is in the works). A bright Supernova headlamp can also be ordered, which supplements the daytime running light and is also powered by the bike’s battery. Finally, customers can also choose between the 6-speed and 12-speed Pinion gearboxes, with the option of two different ratios. And those who want to do without the belt drive — for whatever reason — can even configure this.

The price for the Geos with Pinion transmission and belt drive starts at 5,600 euros with the 6-speed transmission, the 12-speed model is 200 euros more expensive. A pretty impressive amount — but with the combination of steel frame, Pinion transmission and drive control via torque sensor, the Geos is also quite unique. All further information about the bike can be found on the Geos website.




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