MTB Cycletech Souplesse: Urban e-bikes with flexible configuration options


MTB Cycletech describes the Souplesse model, available since June, as a “master of camouflage”. One can certainly agree with this, because the optically minimalistic bike does not only feature e-bike technology, but also includes a discrete equipment with light system and mudguards that is suitable for everyday use.

The electric drive of the Souplesse is already an well known one: Mahle Ebikemotion’s system is also used here, further increasing the popularity of this drive — an overview of current models can be found here. In summary, the drive consists of a compact hub motor in the rear wheel and a battery with 250 Wh capacity in the down tube. This is permanently installed and can only be removed in case of service — so if you want to charge the bike, you have to be able to bring it close to a power socket. This drive is controlled by a single button, a display has been deliberately omitted — more information can be displayed on the free Smartphone app. The light weight of the Ebikemotion system is also reflected in the total weight of the souplesse, which is relatively low at 15.2 kg (with derailleur system).

Due to the hub motor in the rear wheel, the Ebikemotion drive is usually combined with derailleur gears — this is also the case with the Souplesse GRX, which is equipped with Shimano’s eponymous Gravel shifting group with 11 gears. The hydraulic disc brakes are also from Shimano’s Deore series, and the tyres can be fitted with a width of up to 42 mm. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, fenders and lights can also be ordered as an option.

What makes the Souplesse really exciting, however, is the second drive option: In the Souplesse GP, the Pinion gearbox is used, either with 9 or even 12 gears according to the customer’s wishes. It goes without saying that the Gates belt drive is also used here instead of the standard bicycle chain! This makes the GP certainly the most attractive version of the Souplesse range, providing an additional alternative to the existing Geos and Desiknio bikes.

In addition to the classic diamond frame (sizes S to XL), the Souplesse is also available with a trapezoid frame (sizes S to L) for comfortable entry – but the latter is only available for models with derailleur gears. Those who opt for the Pinion gearbox will have to go with the diamond frame.

MTB Cycletech is a traditional Swiss brand with more than 30 years of experience in building high quality bicycles, which are handmade in Bassersdorf and therefore can be adapted to the customer’s needs in every detail. This is obvious in the color options: Here you have an impressive choice of 27 different paint finishes, and the colour of the lettering can also be customised. Those who opt for the model with the Pinion gearbox can also choose between the familiar black and a red Gates belt drive.

The MTB Cycletech bikes can only be ordered in retail shops, prices start at 3,219 Euros for the Souplesse GRX with derailleur gears. Unfortunately, the surcharge for the Pinion gearbox is pretty steep here as well: Prices start at 4,419 Euros for the 9-speed model and 4,569 Euros for the 12-speed model. Further information can be found on the MTB Cycletech website.




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  1. Hi, from Singapore, not able to find local/asian dealer. So appreciate quote
    One ebike(large) with C1.12 pinion incl shipping cost.
    Is there any VAT/GST refund for online order

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