With a 100% Made in France frame

The new Moustache J: a versatile e-bike with full suspension that’s highly sustainable!


Moustache launches the new “J” as a completely new model series – an innovative e-bike with which the French want to reach a whole new level! The goal was to develop a bike that is as versatile as possible to use. It should offer maximum riding comfort thanks to a suspension on both wheels and also set new standards with a sustainable production.

Full suspension frame with a well-thought out design

The new bike should be particularly comfortable to ride thanks to the suspension fork at the front and the suspended rear wheel. The implementation here is similar to a Swingarm on the motorcycle, in which the Moustache but also the motor is integrated. Likewise, for more comfort and ease of use, the frame comes with a low entry, which allows an easy get on and off the bike. The fact that the bike has a clear design language and a uncluttered look, is also due to the new production process of the frame!

Innovative frame thanks to sustainable production

What makes it special: The frame of the J is cast from aluminum and consists of only two parts. The reason for this unusual design is Moustache’s endeavor to produce the J as sustainably as possible while keeping transport distances to a minimum. This is possible with the new castings, which are produced near Marseille in southern France. The further processing of the frame takes place in the Jura and Alsace, the assembly of the bike then directly at Moustache in Thaon-les-Vosges. Thus, it has been possible that the frame of the J is produced 100% in France — a peculiarity, as still the majority of all bicycle frames are manufactured in the Far East and these must then bring to us long transport routes with all their disadvantages behind.

Onroad, allroad, offroad — the Moustache J is versatile

With three variants, Moustache equips the J for a wide range of applications:

  • The J. on primarily designed for urban use in the city and is equipped with the continuously variable transmission Enviolo TR, which is controlled by a belt drive. The puncture-proof tires come from Schwalbe of the type Super Moto-X in the format 27.5 x 2.4 inches. The SR Suntour Mobie 25 LOR suspension fork offers 100 mm of travel at the front and 115 mm at the rear, while the hydraulic braking system is equipped with 180 mm brake discs at the front and 160 mm at the rear.
  • The J. all represents the universal allroad variant and is also equipped with the Enviolo TR continuously variable transmission and a Gates belt drive. Alternatively, however, can also be selected on a Shimano CUES 11-speed derailleur. The tires with Schwalbes Johnny Watts are wider with 27.5 x 2.6 inches and with more profile. The SR Suntour Mobie XCR 34 Air suspension fork offers 120 mm travel at the front and 115 mm at the rear, the hydraulic braking system is equipped with 180 mm brake discs at the front and rear.
  • Finally, the J. off, which has the Shimano CUES 11-speed derailleur installed, shows itself as an off-road variant. The studded tires from Maxxis of the type Rekon are here 29 inches large and 2.4 inches wide. The Marzocchi Z2 Air suspension fork offers a whopping 130 mm of travel, with 115 mm of travel at the rear. The brake system is particularly powerful with 203 mm large discs.

What all models have in common is the electric drive from Bosch — no wonder, after all Moustache has relied exclusively on their technology since the very beginning. Here in the J, the regular Performance Line motor from the Smart system is installed. With its 75 Nm, it offers quite a high torque, but works more quietly than, for example, the somewhat more powerful CX motor from Bosch. The LED remote and the new Kiox 500 display in the center of the handlebars are used to control the drive. The removable battery has a capacity of up to 625 Wh and can optionally be expanded with the new range extender and its 250 Wh.

All J models can be configured with double-walled aluminum mudguards, as well as two different luggage racks to choose from — once minimalist restrained for the use of luggage bags, once quite flashy and up to 27 kg loadable. Always present on the J is the headlight from Trelock with 100 lux, which is elegantly integrated into the stem. This is by the way also adjustable in height, which allows the J to adapt to the preferred seating position. As a seatpost is installed on all variants a lowerable dropper with handlebar control, which offers additional advantages for descents in the terrain or for the comfortable stand at the traffic lights. The fact that this extensive equipment does not go unnoticed on the scales is reflected in the weight of the bikes: they start at 27.3 kg and end at just over 30 kg, depending on the configuration.


The new Moustache J is interesting from several points: on the one hand, it offers a tidy and independent design despite the full-suspension frame. On the other hand, Moustache shows that, with the necessary will, it is possible to produce the bike in one’s own country, which makes it much more sustainable and resource-friendly. And finally, the various equipment options that make the J so versatile are also convincing!

In addition to the three model variants, the bike is also available in three colors — Black, Olive Green and Silk Grey — and in three frame sizes. Prices start at 5,199 euros, the configurator is available directly on the Moustache website.




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