Low-entry bike with high-tech features: the Cannondale Mavaro Neo


With the new Mavaro Neo, Cannondale aims to take urban mobility to a whole new level, thanks in part to high-tech features such as a radar system that detects vehicles approaching from behind at a distance of 140 metres and shows them on a display on the handlebars.

But first to the basics, as Cannondale describes it: The deep entry frame of the Mavaro Neo with its large step-through not only makes getting on and off the bike a breeze, but thanks to Cannondale’s expertise in building aluminium frames, it is as robust as it is durable and guarantees safe riding. Designed for maximum riding pleasure, the Mavaro Neo features Cannondale’s legendary steering precision, shock-absorbing HeadShok suspension fork, integrated adjustable stem, suspension seatpost and high-grip tyres. With its superior handling, upright riding position and intuitive safety features such as integrated intelligent daytime running lights and Garmin’s bicycle radar system, the Mavaro Neo is without doubt the embodiment of an outstanding urban transport vehicle.

Cannondale Mavaro Neo Urban Bike
Low-entry bike with many features: Cannondale Mavaro Neo

The powerful mid-engine Performance Line CX from Bosch is used as the motor in the top models, while more economical models rely on the regular Performance Line or its spin-off Active Line Plus. Thanks to the large battery with up to 625 Wh, which is beautifully integrated into the frame, ranges of up to 120 km per battery charge are possible — for distances ranging from everyday errands to extensive weekend adventures.

The new Mavaro Neo is easy and intuitive to use: The charging socket is located high up on the frame and the two bottle cage holders are located directly under the handlebars — everything within easy reach. Two of the available equipment options are equipped with Gates’ quiet, clean and low-maintenance belt drive, while the top model is equipped with Enviolo’s continuously variable transmission, which allows the gear ratio to be changed at any time by simply turning the gear lever – in freewheel mode, when pedalling and even when stopping at traffic lights. This makes it the ideal drive for city and leisure driving.

The Mavaro Neo is available in versions 1 to 5 and 5+, each in frame sizes S, M and L. Prices start at 3,799 euros for the Mavaro Neo 5 with Active Line Plus motor, 500 Wh battery and derailleur gears. The top end is marked by the Mavaro Neo 1 with Performance Line CX motor, 625 Wh battery and Enviolo gear hub with toothed belt for an impressive 5,999 euros. All further information about the bikes can be found on the Cannondale website.



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