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Leak: Details of the new Cowboy 4 and Cowgirl e-bike


Cowboy already sent out an email yesterday that something new will be unveiled next week — on May 6, 2021. However, a few details about what it will be can already be found out. On the website of the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), various design patents are listed for designs that were submitted by Cowboy. Accordingly, it can be seen that a new generation of smart e-bikes from Cowboy is probably imminent.

It’s a girl: Hello, Cowgirl!

In addition to changes to the familiar Cowboy bike (more on that below), a completely new model stands out at first glance: This is likely to be the long-awaited „Cowgirl“ bike, in other words a variant of the Cowboy with a comfort frame! Somewhat surprising here is certainly that one does not rely on a trapezoid or Mixte frame with comparatively sporty optics. Rather, one goes the consistent way and builds a real step-through frame that offers the maximum comfort in terms of getting on and off the bike.

Noticeable on the Cowgirl frame is the reinforced area around the bottom bracket, which should certainly provide the necessary torsional rigidity of the frame. After all, especially low-entry frames tend to twist more easily due to the lack of a top tube.

New cockpit, integrated mudguard and rack

But there also seem to be numerous innovations aside from the new frame shape. Two handlebars, for example, have also been registered as design patents — and it can be seen from both that Cowboy is also backing the trend toward integrated cables on the cockpit.

While the Cowboy’s handlebars are straight as usual, the Cowgirl uses a more comfortable model with a large backward bend (backsweep). And both handlebars have an opening in the center into which the brake lines are routed. In addition, the brake levers now seem to be integrated flush into the handlebars, similar to what we already know from the current VanMoof models. Finally, a permanently installed smartphone holder — supposedly with the Quadlock system — can also be seen. Good thing, after all, no one else relies so much on smartphone connectivity as Cowboy!

Finally, the rear end of the bikes has also changed: Thus, the inclusion of a modern thru axle now seems to be planned. In addition, it is noticeable that the frame offers an opening on both sides. Previously, this opening was only on the right side to be able to pass through the belt drive.

But now there is this opening on both sides with a spacer; this can be removed and replaced by a suitable mudguard and / or a rack. Visually, these attachments then look as if they are connected to the frame in one piece. In addition, this attachment should provide quite a high stability of mudguard or rack.


These designs already give an exciting preview of the upcoming updates of Cowboy. So let’s wait for next Thursday and see if the innovations will really happen in this form. And maybe Cowboy has even more surprises in store!

Update: Information about Cowboy 4 is now official. All details can be found in this article.




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